Childhood in Kuwait Means: Al-Alamiya Pizza By | March 29, 2010

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As I escaped from my dentist last week, I was feeling so down I needed a nostalgic pick me up. Wandering in Salmiya, I suddenly remembered a dusty childhood memory with a lingering flavor, took a wrong turn, and finally I was there for my nostalgic meal!

The place above is called Al-Khalid Complex and if you were born before 1990, chances are you have attended a party where the baked goods were made from the most famous bakery back in the day: Al-Alamiya bakery!

As I walk towards the bakery I’m hit with a strong wave of memories that almost left me in tears. I cannot recount how many times I have climbed up those steps with my mom and aunts, happily anticipating the treats we are yet to get. Instead of Kaizen there used to be an amazing toy store where we would always beg mom to stop at before the bakery. I remember buying my Bionic Six action figures from that store because it was the only one in Kuwait that sold them back in the 80’s.

As I open the door the old familiar powdery floury sweet smell of the Al-Alamiya bakery hits my nostrils. I close my eyes for one second, waiting to hear the sound of the bell that used to tinkle whenever the door was opened, yet it didn’t come. I open my eyes and there I was back in the bakery, the Alaska Fridge still in the corner, the big cake fridges lining the left side of the store, and somewhere there was the old cake catalogue with a picture of my little Lulu’s birthday cake inside.

I place my order for a dozen of pizzas but the seller won’t leave me in peace! He runs after me as I look at each window, grabbing a cake, or a biscuit, or a fateera and offering it to me to eat! I remembered the days when it was a self service place, mom would pick up a box, a pair of plastic tong, and deal with a herd of kids yapping behind here like little ducks wanting this and that!

I wait for the guy to disappear into the kitchen for a moment and then I snap pictures of the cakes they had on display. They didn’t change much, sadly my favourite cake which was a peach tart with one half of a peach on top decorated with a chocolate star is not there any more :(

Finally my order arrives and I have to tell you the smell was AMAZING. I drove back home in a haste resisting the urge to dig in while driving. The box was hot and I could almost hear the pizza bubbling inside and calling out my name.

Finally home, I took a long nostalgic look at my first pizza before I take a bite that would make me feel like a child happily attending an 80’s birthday party.

I took one heartful bite and the flood of memories came crashing back, almost too strong to bear! There was something about that pizza that is just so, comforting. It certainly did taste good: the combination of chopped canned mushrooms, sharp cheddar like cheese, sweet tomatoes, doughy base, and the salty black olive bathed in melted cheese… it is just so very very good and nostalgic <3

It is 90% similar to what it used to be before the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait in 1990. The bakery was burned down or wrecked by the Iraqi troops during the invasion and the bakery didn’t re-open for a long time after the liberation, maybe until 1994 or 1995! By the time they did, people have moved on and the bakery was not the same anymore. The only familiar thing that kept people going back was the pizza and the trendy Alaska that was an IT cake once in the mid-ninties.

Al-Alamiya bakery do offer home delivery by the way. Call 25656539 if you want to remember the old days with a good fresh box of pizzas. Their pizza will forever rock, never to be forgotten!

P.S. As of 2013 the Alamiya bakery was closed down for good and in it’s place is a new cafe, GIA. Farewell Alamiya Bakery, you are gone but will never be forgotten for sure. 

0 Responses to “Childhood in Kuwait Means: Al-Alamiya Pizza”

  1. nosa says:

    u know tqreeebn the same pizza bel ‘6b6 3ndna fel b7rain ( pizza 6areq )
    o its pizza el6ufoola too 😛
    kaano ebe3onah fe mdrestna..

    i still scrave it sometimes.. yummy..

  2. Zahed says:

    ohh my god is that place still open!! they had amazing donuts

  3. BNDQ8 says:

    ooh man!! i didnt know its till there … now im craving it…. i love their stuff…i remember dad brining assorted boxes at home and my sister and i use to pounce at it like mad hats and race for the last pizza ..hehe…i’ll suprise my sister soon..the look on her face would be just too good..btw nice post ..ur awesome :)

  4. FourMe says:

    children of early 80s rock!
    i love how u remember the old places.. remember the old video store that was there as well?
    3almeya pizza = YUM

  5. Hanadi says:

    Oh my toke me back to those lovely days:)) the best bakery at that time…do you remember their sable biscuits the ones with the whole in the middle they were to die for…yum and ofcourse the black foreat and alaska

  6. chandal says:


    مافي اجمل من ذكريات الطفولة

    مرة كنت معزومة على عيد ميلاد وكنت حاطتلي بيتزا العالمية بصحني, وكنت متسبهة بالرقص وناسية الصحن اللي باييدي

    يوم خلصت الرقصة وتفرغت عالصحن, ما اشوف غير زيتون بصحني

    قريبتي اللي كانت يمي شطبت عالبيتزا والظاهر انها مو على ولام مع الزيتون!

    شكرا على مشاركتنا ذكرياتك وتسلمين على السرد الجميل

  7. serenade says:

    lol @ nosa,, i was just craving it after reading this post and planning on ordering it tomorrow! ;p

  8. aws says:

    wallah i started having tears in my eyes !
    mashallah i totally forgot about the bell… and i heard its sound as soon as u mentioned it ..
    the smell that “hit you”…

    their spinach was oh so yummy…

    donut and alaska…

    what wasn’t good !