Tasting Dinner at Nutri Restaurant

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The other day I was invited for a tasting dinner in Nutri, one of Kuwait City’s newest restaurants located in Dar Al-Awadhi and specialising in providing light and healthy meals in a restaurant setting. Don’t you wish there were more health-oriented restaurants around in the land of 1001 restaurants? Please let it be the next trend, we are so tired of burger joints!


I arrived in Nutri for the tasting dinner on the night before their official opening, which would make it about a fortnight ago or so therefore by the time you read this post you’d be able to go dine there yourself or order something from their menu using Talabat app. Nutri’s interior is lovely: rustic, relaxed, with shades of beige and cement highlighted with a few green chairs and jars of vibrant coloured fruits or herbs on each table.



As I took my place on the long dinner table, I was handed a menu with many of Kuwait’s favourite usual dishes and other unique dishes. All the dishes had a very important red number types besides them on the menu: the calorie count! A general calorie count of the dish though and not a specific one broken down into carbs and fat and the sorts, but its already very informative and useful to know how many calories per dish are there which would help you decide and plan your meal. For example, I wouldn’t want to order the Meatball spaghetti and consume it on my own once I’ve read it delivers a whopping 712 calories.


I decided to check what the girls were having and share in their dishes. I wasn’t very hungry that day for I’ve already had a big lunch but I managed to have a few bites here and there. First came the edamame, fairly basic and delivered as expected.


Next came the Mushrooms bites, a grilled mushroom topped with a slice of grilled zucchini, melted mozzarella cheese, and grilled half of a cherry tomato, vegetable kebab style. This is my kind of dish really, I wouldn’t mind having that for lunch and I enjoyed it very much.


Next to arrive was the watermelon, feta, and mint salad. Again my kind of dish even though I personally think it is more of a summer salad than a winter dinner dish.


Though the ingredients were very fresh and the salad was well dressed, the watermelon was clearly not that tasty for it wasn’t in season. Again I personally think this should be a seasonal dish best prepared and served in the summer when the watermelons are ripe, sweet, and juicy. Do order this once summer arrives, I’m sure its going to be a refreshing dish then.


For my main dish I had the Asparagus Gnocchi. It was very tasty and somehow it turned out tasting like something that is homemade. To be particular, it tasted like a Kuwaiti homemade “marqooq”.


Here is my plate for the evening, I reckon I had consumed about 250-300 calories, not bad for dinner.


Other dishes the girls had ordered for the evening included the margarita pizza.


I have to admit that I had a slice. The girls loved it and were raving about it. The cheese and the sauce were delicious but I personally thought the base was too thin and had a bit of a grainy chew but its a matter of personal taste really. In general I love doughy pillow like pizzas but if you are a fan of crispy based ones you most likely will enjoy Nutri’s pizza.


One of the girls ordered the glazed lamb chops with purple potato mash. The dish does look good, especially the vibrant purple mash which looked like a smear of colour in the middle of a dark hued dish!


How was it? They said it tasted really good, only wasn’t cooked to their specification. I think she ordered the meat to be medium well and it was just medium or something, I’m not a meat colour expert or fan. If you are however particular about how your meat is cooked and do not stop at well done, you might want to ensure that your meat was cooked to your exact specification.


Another dish that was on the table but I didn’t try was the crispy Kale salad. I am not a kale person, I’ve tried but it was too smelly for my liking therefore I wouldn’t be eating it willingly nor considering it as a replacement for the nachos or potato chips anytime soon but if you are a kale fan you will be happy to share this dish with other diners as you wait for your healthy food to arrive.


For dessert, yes time for healthy dessert, we tried two dishes and met a third. The first was the caramelised apples with ice cream and bits of toasted bread.


As a person who adores apples, I loved that dish. Its not apple pie but if you are craving something like an apple pie then this would be a very satisfactory replacement with a fraction of the fat and calories.


The second dish was the glazed peanuts and grilled bananas. It sure did look good.


Again this tasted very good. I love the peanuts, they give a very sharp flavour and had a nice crunch against the creamy texture of the grilled banana. Again I loved this dessert and almost polished it off myself.


The third dessert, wasn’t mine but I managed to take a picture, was the blubbery cheesecake. It sure did look purple and vibrant. I don’t however recall the feedback on the taste but judging by the other dishes I’d say its worth a try. I’d try it when I dine there next.


We had such a great time at Nutri restaurant the other day. The service was attentive, the food was good and definitely didn’t compromise on the flavour by being healthy, and they even had a nutritionist on had who would discuss your menu options and give you advice when needed! When they asked for my feedback, I pointed out that it would be even more helpful if they had pointed out whether a dish was vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, or paleo friendly. You would love it fussy eaters if menus were the case, wouldn’t you? I know I would :)

Thank you Nutri for having us that night for dinner. We left feeling light yet happy with the good food we had consumed. Wishing you the best of luck and you can count on us being loyal customers for sure. Nutri is located in Dar Al-Awadhi complex in Sharq, Kuwait City and are open from 8 AM for breakfast until 11 PM. For more information you can give them a call at +(965)-22322236 or follow them on instagram (@NutriKW).

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