Ten Things You Need to Know About Snap Chat

Kozáni By | February 24, 2015

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1- Once you install Snap Chat it will eat up your iPhone battery which will disappear faster than the contents of a Nutella jar placed on a table of hungry people on their diet-free day.

2- People, for some reason, think that Snap Chat is a synonym for circus act therefore its OK to frighten you with strange poses and silly actions because it will be gone in 10 seconds or less. I understand being silly once in a while but being silly all the time, again and again? Don’t be shocked if a respectable person you know in real life comes out as a clown on Snap Chat, apparently it’s what people expect you to do for some reason and no, you don’t have to be if you don’t want to be.

3- Snap Chat provides a glimpse into the private lives of its users, something a too private glimpse of people who decide to share too personal things just because they will be gone in ten seconds or less. I’ve seen too many snaps of people in their PJ’s and bedrooms than I’d really care for, and I’ve known people who were too shocked at the level of intrusion on the lives of others they barely knew that they quit Snap Chat all together. Be prepared, that’s all I’m saying.

4- It goes without saying that Snap alerts you when someone takes a screen shot of your “snaps” and even though you can always ask that person why, almost always they’d reply by “my phone did it on its own by mistake and I didn’t” and I’ve been told that phones do that sometime but you can never be too sure. Plus, there are programs that pull the entire contents of your snap for everyone to share. To be safe on snap you can do two things: a- never share something you’d be ashamed of getting leaked and b- never use any other app for snap chat other than snap chat, the official snap chat, and only the official snap chat.

5- Almost everyone on Snap Chat shoots their snaps while driving their cars, the majority of which give “chat” about their day or “give advice” on all aspects of life, no wonder our streets are crowded all the time. I only know one or two persons who do not do that and I applaud them for it. I do not take snaps when I drive, of myself or the road unless I am waiting at a traffic light. It’s against the law, dangerous, and sets a bad example for everyone else who joins Snap Chat. Please do not do that as well, please. PLEASE!

6- A lot of snappers share a video snap of a song on their radio while driving, most of which do it on their way to work. You might be going through snaps and suddenly this loud song can come blaring out, I’d advice you to keep the sound on mute or wear headphones if you are in a public place.

7- A good trick a friend of mine showed me the other day on Snap is a way to “flip” through snaps quickly especially if its something too long like ten seconds or something too noisy or too repetitive. If you click once on the top right corner of the screen while watching a snap you will skip it entirely and move on to the next snap. Very helpful, very very helpful.

8- Some users, for some reason, have really boring snaps that go on and on and on for 500 or even 1000 seconds. Frankly, that’s just too much sharing. People want a “glimpse”, not a detailed report on whatever you’ve been up to. Ten seconds on Snap is just as long as ten seconds on radio time and it is too long, reduce the time on your still snaps to 3 or 5 seconds and you’ll reduce the number of seconds you use up to tell your story to half!

9- There is no real measure for a person’s “popularity” and by popularity I mean one that is essential for commercial profit in Snap. There is a vague number related to your Snap account on how many snaps you send/receive, and I guess you can always give out a snap shot of how many people saw a certain snap of yours, but I’m not sure how reliable or satisfactory those measures are to the agencies with the money.

10- You will always find stuck up snobs who will whine about what others are sharing and how that’s “not what snap chat is about”. They are not appointed kings and queens of the app and unless they were the ones who invented the app in the first place, you do not have to listen to them and yes that includes what I’m saying above. Share whatever you want while remembering that just because it’s there for ten seconds then its gone doesn’t really mean its gone. Nothing you share is gone, ever. EVER. OK?

Do you have anything you want to add regarding Snap Chat? I frankly didn’t get it at first, I have installed since April and struggled to understand it until about a month ago but now its just another latest app that everyone is currently using these days. Do you use it? How do you like it so far?

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