Book Review: Disclaimer by Renee Knight

By | August 16, 2015


For the longest time I’ve been able to “guess” the plot of any thriller-style book during my reading and its becoming a tad boring especially when my guess turns out to be right in the end. What’s good about Disclaimer, however, is that whenever I’ve guessed at a plot twist during the course of my reading, which wasn’t very long because I wanted to know what happened, something would come up and negate my guess making me wonder what did happen and when I knew everything in the end, I was in for a good surprise indeed. 

Why I picked this? I was intrigued at the prospect of someone reading a story only to find themselves in the pages with their ugliest secret unraveling between the pages. The good thing is, you don’t get to know the secret until well into the story so page by page you are flipping with the distraught main character, trying to find out what was it that’s written and if what is written is really what happened. It was quite an enjoyable read, not so hard and perfect for a plane or a train ride when you have plenty of time on your hand and cannot think of something interesting to do. I wasn’t disappointed at all when the last page was finished.

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