One Birthday, Two Cameras By | August 16, 2015

buy Ivermectin uk mbgsc-011 My 35th birthday was on the very first day of Eid! Therefore, I got a lot of people to celebrate with me :p Now I’ve received several nice gifts from friends and family and I thank each and everyone of them for their continuous love and support throughout the years, I’m blessed to have people who celebrate the day I was brought into their lives and this year the celebration yielded not one, but two different cameras as birthday gifts! You know how you don’t know you wanted something until you actually got it? That was the case with each camera, I never knew how much joy receiving the them brought me until they arrived! 


The first camera came camouflaged inside a Metropolian Museum of Art bag, a place I would love very much to visit one day, and because I love museums and art I thought whatever historical artefact from the gift shop brought to my by the Big Apple Girl Jacqui -new nickname, how do you like it?- from her recent trip to the city. Inside the bag was, as usual, a beautifully wrapped gift with a customised wrapping paper designed after my own blog colours! That’s something Jax is famous for, her awesome wrapping and the unbelievable lengths she’d take to make your gift pretty and personal, she puts you to shame and brings you to tears of gratitude when you receive the gift and you almost don’t want to open it up, almost. Needless to say all her previous-wrappings are kept safe and sound with me.


Look at the lovely barely/visible sultry figure on the birthday card! Sherlock, and if you know me you know I’m crazy for Sherlock and of course Jax knows me and for two years in a row she managed to incorporate one of my favourite TV and literature characters into into the intricate details of my birthday gifts! Haven’t I posted about last year’s birthday gift? The kindle? I hope its not too late to do so!


Now, carefully opening up the end of the my wrapped up gift yields… another layer of wrapping paper! Do you recognise the print? If you don’t, lift your head up and look at the wallpaper of the very blog you are reading, what do you see? Yes, double individually customised wrapping paper is not an alien thing in Jax’s gifts. Frankly I’m surprised I didn’t see 35 different wrappings, one day she’ll do it I tell you but please not on my 100th birthday insah2 Allah :p


Ta-da! What is it what is it? There is a butterfly on a screen but WHATISIT! You can understand the delimma of not wanting to ruin the wrapping paper but being intrigued so bad to the point of wanting to tear the wrapping paper(s) away. Patience is a virtue though, ta-da!


Its a green -my favourite color- cool modern device that looks like a kaleidoscope but is intact a camera! It is compact, light-weight, and connects directly to Facebook to post pictures -if I’m not mistaken that is-. Believe it or not I still didn’t get to use it, I’m waiting for the next big gathering/party/event to attend before I unleash its full potential. If you are wondering, not it wasn’t from the MET, that bag was just to lure me away from the nature of the gift. It worked, love you Jax, to the moon and back :*****


Now my second gift came from another friend and blogging-comrade Pink Girl and it was also a camera but not any camera! Its a teeny compact Sony, so tiny I actually thought it was a lens not a camera camera! Excuse the hazy picture but this is how big it is compared to my hand, it rests on 3/4 the length of my fingers only!


When you switch it on the lens actually extends and allows you to zoom! You view whatever you want to shoot by connecting the camera to your smart phone and whatever you capture is saved both on your iPhone and a memory card placed inside the tiny camera! Awesome! The video capability on this munchkin is simple inspiring, it makes you want to shoot videos all day long and of course it would fit into the tiniest of clutches therefore it is the perfect companion to any event/party/gathering you’d attend! I’m saving it for when the day comes.

Pink, I loved the camera and the card <3 So heartfelt 7yati thank you :* Jax, I loved the camera and the wrapping <3  thank you and please open up your own customised gift business! Now for next year by god’s will lenses and other photography equipment are added to the list of what makes me happy alongside chocolates, Arabian incense and perfumes, open around-the-world airplane tickets, anything Japan related,  coffee, and of course my eternal friends books <3 Cheeky, am I? Well, as long as I have people who are willing to spoil me, I might as well make the most out of it. Thank you, each and every one of you, I’m thankful you guys are in my life :****

One Response to “One Birthday, Two Cameras”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Aww you’re most welcome love! I just have to find a way to make my gifts even though they’re small but special hehe and here is hoping that you use it soon. It’s insanely cool where you take a photo and you can later focus on whatever object you want hehe 😛 Light-field photography! 😛

    Oh and I know that Sony camera I’ve got two of them, the first generation model with the higher zoom and the second generation with an even higher zoom they’re great especially if you don’t want to carry a bulky camera with you!

    Enjoy o nice future wish list 😛