Meet the Cats, Elsa and Olaf!

By | January 31, 2016


For a while now I’ve been wanting to introduce you to two gorgeously cute individuals that I’m quite fond of. Those of you who have pets can relate to my state of adoration of my, well, nephews, Elsa and Olaf and no I’m not talking about the Disney characters here -they are named after them though, obviously!-. Elsa & Olaf are my brother and sister’s cats, they’ve had them ever since they were two tiny kittens and they are wrench-your-heart and pinch-that-cheek and bite-that-teeny-leg adorable!


I’ve always loved cats, and monkeys, and colourful parrots but I kept my distance. However, people who know me closely know that a primal fact of myself ever since I was a child was fear of animals. I could never approach, touch, or pet any animal of any kind of type. I was always the kid who ran away screaming at the top of her lungs in sheer fright, which is weird considering no one else in my entire family behaves the way I do. Perhaps you recall my first post asking for help with the stray kittens who invaded my doorstep?


Ever since then, my relationship with animals have improved drastically and I even began to welcome new stray kittens into the neighbourhood. I began to understand that they are not simply just “animals”, that each soul is a character on its own, and that they do really and truly comprehend when you talk or interact with them! Not that I’ve thought of them as feeling-less things before but it never really registered, the extent of the individuality of each pet and how attached can you get to them, something that is lost among many non-pet owners I’m afraid.


A reader named Sandra once left a comment on my first blog post about the stray cat saying, and I quote “I feel sorry that you have such a fear of animals, because you are missing out on all the joy a pet can bring into your life.” Three years on, and I have to say that she was absolutely 100% right! Sandra, if still read my blog and made it here, I hope this post can show you how much joy did flood my life because of all the stray cats and especially because of these munchkins! I adore them, really and truly, and one day my love caused me to overcome my primal fear and after 34 years I finally pet Elsa and now I actually run after them both and hug them -against their wishes, they don’t love me at all!-


My sister treats Elsa and Olaf like her own children and is simply smitten by them. She takes care of all their needs and even bought them special “car seat belts” for cats and takes them out on a drive every now and then, they love being driven around! They also visit me quite a lot, Elsa the cute one would not be shy at all, she’d either explore the entire house or if she is bored she’d choose the weirdest surface to lie on and sit there looking around, nonchalantly. Though she and Olaf are twins, and she has a better appetite than he does, she’d is extremely light and gets sick very easy, she also hates her car seat and this cute jacket my sister got her from god knows where!


She was traumatised when she was made to wear the jacket -it was extremely cold outside- and when she shook it off she simply sat next to the wall, angry and staring for half an hour at it.


Now let me tell you about our little fearsome lion. He must be the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen in my life masha2 Allah <3


Olaf loved the bomber jacket, couldn’t be bothered about something trivial like car-seats so he doesn’t mind at all. However, whenever he visits he would choose a spot where he could hide beneath yet still keep a full view of all the humans in the room, gazing at them and barely blinking! His favourite spot is underneath my dining table and he would keep staring, assessing us, sizing us up and down, and then he’d turn his nose at us!!!


My husband is a cat magnet, I’ve never seen a cat who doesn’t like him aside from King Olaf! He actually like the housekeeper the most 😀 He, the naughty little rascal, also isn’t afraid to show you how bored he is of your attention when you give it to him. He will only approach you should he feel like it -or if you have food he’d like-.


Bored much? He is cute though! He was staring at us throughout the evening one day, sitting like that!

Guess who is this little explorer? Elsa or Olaf? <3


I’m glad to say that now, in 2016, I am now not afraid of cats anymore. Of course I mean home-pet cats with proper vaccinations and clipped nails that don’t scratch, not stray ones. I still, however, get allergic from them and one day my allergies were so bad my arm was all puffed up and scratching badly until the next morning, but I believe that I am ready for the next stage of my life where I do own a pet and I want a cat, a kitten actually, a little aloof grey british short hair with shiny yellow bright eyes that I would get to raise. I’m told the puffy breed have got an ego-problem and considering the reaction of both Elsa & Olaf towards me I might very well not be liked by it but I really and truly want one and one day when I do I will update this blog with the little new member of my family to keep and love, forever and ever, and not until they grow up and cease to be as cute. Animals are not toys, you don’t get to play and love them then throw them out when they grow up, the cruellest feat ever :'(

I’ve come a long way since my post of being afraid from the stray kittens at the doorway. I read it and I’m astonished at my reaction back then, to a now-self-of-mine I look like I’m overreacting back then but I wasn’t, I was truly terrified of them. I also was a person who thought that a pet is an animal and would get a little baffled if someone was too attached to their pets, I now have to say I totally understand how a pet can become a member of your family and that you’d actually miss them. My point is, never say never to anything and never ridicule anyone’s feeling towards something. Oh and that  people change, yes they do. They grow, they evolve, and as they age their perspective on things is different.

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