Meet the Kiwi Berry!

buy cenforce cheap By | October 6, 2015

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buy real cytotec How incredibly cute are those little green olive-like berries? They don’t look like much now, do they? I myself wouldn’t have given them a second glance, they don’t strike me as that interesting or boring but this is one very fact-affirming moment in life where the inside is what indeed that matter and not the visible cover. Once you cut those little berries in half you will find a little teeny kiwi inside! Yes, kiwi, complete with miniature little black seeds and all! Don’t believe me? Look! This is the grape sized olive-like little green berry… mtkb-002

And when cut open, it is a kiwi! So tiny, it could be a Barbie’s kiwi rather than a human one! How do they taste like? 100% Kiwis, and I’m not a fan of kiwis, but these come in bite sized versions and would do wonders if used in canapés or for finger food presentations! You pop-them one by one because even though they resumble kiwis and do taste like kiwis, they don’t have than tangy kiwi pinch to your tongue that I dread when having kiwis and therefore they actually do taste better than kiwis!

Where did I get them from? If you are asking that question then you must really start following me outside of the blogsphere, for my followers on instagram and snapchat accounts already know the story. Last week I received a basket invitation from Dean & Deluca’s Kuwait branch in the Avenues Mall to their first ever indoors local market and in that market I came upon the Kiwi berries and the Pineberries.


Now Pine berries I’ve known about and looked for, the marriage between a strawberry and a pineapple that is white in colour yet sweet like pineapples. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I’ve seen the box of pine berries sitting there among the other fruit boxes, nonchalant, when I’ve been chasing them around the world looking for them! I grabbed them, excited, and noticed the tiny plastic box of kiwi berries next to them.


Apparently you can now ask Dean & Deluca to supply you with strange edible fruit from around the world and they, through a local company called Star Fruit Co., will try their best to source them out. According to the local supplier’s representative they even have edible flowers and had a kiwi that was yellow inside and tasted like another fruit. I’d share their information but I’ve lost their card and couldn’t find an instagram account for them so if you are interested you can pass by D&D and check them out.


Needless to say I wasted no time picking a box of kiwi berries and a box of pineberries to take home. I frankly took the kiwi berries because they looked cute but wasn’t that excited about them while the pineberries I’ve been pining for them, pun intended.


I’m sad to say I was really disappointed in the pineberries. They tasted sour and blah when I expected something sweet and luscious, something like a strawberry pineapple cocktails perhaps, weren’t they bred to do just that? I don’t think I will be trying them again to be frank but at least I got to tick them off my list of weird foods to try and I can chalk it off as a 2015 achievement.

Now, the kiwi berries that I wasn’t even keen to try in the first place turned out to be very addictive. They are tiny, and good tasting, and you put the little green fellas in a little bowl by your TV’s remote control while waiting for the horrible finale of CSI to come on and you mistake them for popcorn, one after the other they disappear, juicy and cute and sweet and delicious, and suddenly your fingers reach the cold bottom of the porcelain bowl and you realise with a start that you’ve gone through an entire box, which isn’t much btw, without even realising it! I thought the kiwi berries were a breed like the pineberries, perhaps the marriage of a kiwi and green grapes, but it turns out they have been there, growing on trees in Japan and other Asian countries and eaten since god created them on this planet! Interesting, no?

For more information about the kiwi berries, if you are the curious type like I am, check their wikipedia page (link) and if you haven’t tried them before and fancy trying some, I suggest you contact Dean and Deluca in the Avenues mall (@DeanDelucaMe) and, trust me, they are worth a try. Leave the pineberries, take the kiwi berries, and enjoy!

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