Book Review: After the Crash by Michel Bussi

buy gabapentin powder By | January 20, 2016

Melbourne bratc-001

buy canibus Lyrical law This is book that I’ve found in the top-ten chart of Waterstones and, as I picked it up to read the description I knew right away that this the going to be my next read and that I am going to like it. Some books are just like that, you know from their idea that they are different, and good, and most of the time they do not disappoint and this one definitely did not.

I read the first page and I was immediately in the middle of the story. It starts in the end, or rather, at what was supposed to be the end. With a private investigator is writing up his conclusion on a case where he was assigned the task of finding the definite identity of the baby that was the sole-survivor of a plane crash 18 years ago and she could be one of two babies that was on board the flight. You read and you are propelled into the mystery, mercilessly, with every chapter a new conclusion and a new surprise. I wasn’t bored at all reading, going backwards and forwards, now and then, between Turkey and France!

After the Crash very well deserved to be on that top ten chart. It is originally in French but was translated to English and I’m glad they did. Keep on till the end until you arrive at the solution of the mystery and, I promise you, the truth will give you that OMG moment you’ve been promised from page one.

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