Book Review: Slade House by David Mitchell

Mount Pearl By | July 24, 2016 brshbdm-001

“What do you do when you’re visiting someone’s house and their garden starts vanishing?”

When I read the book’s description on the cover, I immediately thought of the song “Hotel California”, you know when it goes “You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave?” this is basically the story of Slade House, the tale of guests summoned into it but seem to never be allowed to leave. The story is split into several “mini” stories, each is about one guest that is summoned and what went with them as they went through the small black door of the garden. There are all ages and sorts of different guests, which keeps the boredom at bay as you won’t have many unnecessary details and if you do not like the tale of one guest you know its going to be over soon when the next guest is summoned, which makes it a quick nice read.

Is it a horror story? Well, its a bit frighting, but not in a lock all doors turn on every light and loose sleep kind of tale. It has enough intrigue and scare factor to keep your blood pumping in fear but just about. And with each guest, the story of the house seems to be revealed a little bit more with each passing chapter.

Top marks for the awesome cover, which is why I grabbed the book in the first place and if do you pick it up and read it, I think you will find the two last stories the most intriguing of them all. Happy reading.

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