Recipe: Cinnabon Pancakes!

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I woke up Friday morning and i knew from the moment i opened my eyes that i wanted a Cinnabon for breakfst!

Laish y3ni? I <3 cinnabon, yet i do not allow my self to have any! Considering the fact that i am no longer 25 and my metabolism is not like what it used to be and surely that amount of Butter and Dough will make me feel icky for the rest of the weekend…

Then it hit me. I want a doughy cinnamon drenched something with a white yummy frosting on top & Cinnabon was out so i had to improvise! I went to the kitchen to make my self some Cinnabon Pancakes! They say that Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and that saying proved just right for me…

You will need to make one batch of pancakes (click here for recipe) and this is done in five minutes…

You will also need the following:

Milk, butter, Egg, Baking Powder, Vanilla, and flour for the pancakes recipe. Cinnamon and Brown Sugar for the Cinnabon Swirl Thing.

If you made the batch of pancakes, keep it aside. Now we need to make the swirly Cinnamon Sugar thing that makes your pancakes cinnabon like…

Add some of the brown sugar in a bowl. Maybe 2.5 Table Spoons. I used the sticky one because i had some for cookie baking. I think if you use the normal one it won’t be so different.

Add one tea spoon of cinnamon powder. The smell of cinnamon should be wafting over to you nostrils.

Add a tiny drop of boiling water. TINY drop…

Mix and you should get the following consistency… now you are done!

Put your pancake pan on the oven and heat it. Pour your first pancake…

Immediately after you pour it, bring a table spoon and drop a swirl of the cinnamon mixture in the middle…

My mistake was aiming too close to the edges… here is what happened

So the next time i aimed for the middle…

The result was satisfying 😀

Sugary Cinnamon Swirls <3

Now what is missing? My Coffee, my OJ, and some of that white sticky stuff that goes on top…

Oh well… i am not much of a good piping bag user… the topping looks horrible…

I will try to smear it around…

That’s better! Now were is my Nespresso?!

Now we are talking! I ate one pancake! More than enough and maybe 1/4 the actual calories in a real life cinabbon… the pictures look yellow because it had started raining and it was dim… weather londonee <3

This recipe is STRONGLY recommended… my husband was so happy he almost ate the whole patch! I had to salvage some for Saturday’s breakfast… if you make more than enough for you, you can freeze it…

For the frosting, you can use some icing sugar mixed with warm milk, or if you have the time you can mix some icing sugar with cream cheese (low fat Philadelphia in my case) and vanilla… kilish ma yabeelah shay

If you try it let me know how it goes 😉

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20 Responses to “Recipe: Cinnabon Pancakes!”

  1. swera says:

    Ok! I want to hate u for posting those delicious lovely food pics but i just cant 😛

    bel3afia :)

  2. 360dewan says:

    I have not made weekend breakfast for long time. It looks yummy, i think i will start with it next weekend en shaa’a Allah :)

  3. Dana says:

    That looks sooooooooooooo good! Very creative:)

  4. Sn3a says:

    A7eb l cinnamon!!!
    shakelha eshawwg

  5. Karamel says:

    I’m not much of a cook, but I adore reading your breakfast posts. They’re amazing :-)

  6. eshda3wa says:


    intay tara kilish moo shay for my weight!

    kel ma i read ur blog lazim akel!

    kilish milish moo shay !

    • danderma says:


      ee if you eat one pancakaya, once a week for breakfast, it won’t hurt… i ate only one…
      a7san min a whole cinnabon :)

  7. BNDQ8 says:

    oh yummmm….those pancakes looks absolutely delicious!! i must say its a really nice idea!! :)

  8. dandoon says:

    omg, i love you! 3ad i was SO craving a cinnabon this weekend.

    • danderma says:

      Love you too hon :*

      Sheftay shloon? Malah da3e cinnabon at all! Meten o Fat o calories o guilt…

  9. Zaina says:

    Dandermaaaa, where did u get your vanilla extract? I didn’t find any at sultan center 7awalli, all they had was vanilla essence… moo el extract. so where do u get ur supplies?

    • danderma says:

      hmmm in this recipe i used foster clarks essence … i find it available only in Khaldiya co-op for some reason it’s out of stock every where else…

      i also use real vanilla pods sometimes… and i have a vanilla thingy i bring with me from the UK along with the pods… i guess it is extract but without alcohol because all other types in the UK are with alcohol… i got the only alcohol free one from Waitrose… try the big waitrose in Westfield mall…

  10. ansam518 says:


    teslam el ayaaadi