http://e17arttrail.co.uk/doc.php By | January 5, 2020

Deception Bay 3 years it has been, cobwebs trashing this place. Yet there was not one day that I haven’t thought about coming back and writing something.

I suppose 2020, a new decade and all, warrants a new post?

Can three years change a person’s life inside out? In my past three years it did, I can no longer remember the person I used to be then, on every level of my life that has been. I’ve laughed more, cried more, gotten some of the things I’ve wanted and lost as much in return. I’ve moved house, gone back to college, earned an MBA degree, yet here I am, thinking what next, and all I can think about is my trusty old blog that I haven’t written in for the past three years, and looking forwards to something I am not entirely sure what is.

I don’t even have pictures in this PC to upload to this post, I’d suppose a nice hi post would do for now. I have so much to say and to write down I do not know where to start really so perhaps I should start backwards and continue on from there? We’ll see.

For now, a loud HI with a big fat frivilous wave would do.

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