Upcoming wedding Delimma… need to lose 3KG+ fast

Charneca By | October 22, 2008

Silopi Sha7leele before shahar ramadhan… i had a nice nice badla 😀 o ready o all… the wedding was postponed till Mid october, then pushed further to Early november… Ramadan came… and mom is nagging me to try my badla after ramadan… o to see what jewelry to go with it o how to do my hair…

where to buy Ivermectin uk So yesterday, although i noticed i look like a mini elephant, i tried the badla on… and i changed my mind.

I look like a full adult elephant that is overweight!!!!!

Thats aging for you, the metabolism slows down as you approach 30… evey year i have to give up something in order just to maintain my weight… last year i swore off croissants for good (make u hungry, fattening, and no nutritional value but fat!)… then this year i swore off any pasta that is made by anyone that is not me, and i do not get to do it that often, except london pasta. Meaning if i go to any rest. in Q8, i will not take a look at the pasta section… perioud. It ain’t worth it. No one knows how to do it properly and its full of unneeded fat. I broke that rule twice only, once in Prime & Toast and it was worth it. o one in Napkit o i regretted it till this day …

Oh well so … bema inah il badla itgool ge6eenee ya daddy’s girl.. ur so fat you shouldnt be allowed out of the house aslan… a criminal offence against human eyes… g63… fa here is my new diet… starting 2day

  • BKFST: 2 toasts, cheese, lettuce, tomaotes, cucumbers, Ice cold coffee
  • Snack1 (noon): apple and water
  • Lunch (5 pm): Grilled giant mushroom with some cheese and sundried tomato paste. Pepsi Max
  • Snack2(6-7 pm): Tea + piece of fruit
  • Dinner (9 pm): KDD low fat leban, some red grapes, o some pinapples to burn what i ate all day long

I must also take 15 minutes of cardio on my wii fit… true it has been gathering dust int the corner… but if i want to lost those 3 fat kilos in two weeks and counting… i must play on it daily… im hoping the weekend will also help me burn calories with all the renovations planned…

Wish me luck…

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  1. q8bride says:

    waaaay u r just like me once i watched my sis wedding movie i noticed how chubby i am o 7adee mathgoo6a it was after ramdhan :(

    so i joined a gym “shapes” waayed 7loo and fun and also i am having meals by Calories control

    so i am so lazy but i am trying my best

    good luck sis

  2. Amu says:

    It normal here in Kuwait everyone is out of shape 😛

  3. Maya says:

    i have a 4 day diet that guatentee you a weight lost of 4 kilos do you want to try it? i will let you know that i made it last week! Me and my husband and we lost 4 kilo each! here it comes:

    Day 1: BKFST: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit
    Lunch: 2 biff steak with green salad and 1/2 grapefruit
    Dinner: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit.

    Day 2: BKFST: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit
    Lunch: 2 biff steak with green salad and 1/2 grapefruit
    Dinner: couliflower ( 2arnabit/zahra) boild or raw as u wish 1/2 grapefruit.

    Day 3: BKFST: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit
    Lunch: 2 Chicken fillet with green salad and 1/2 grapefruit
    Dinner: 2 biff Steak with 1Apple.

    Day 1: BKFST: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit
    Lunch: 2 biff steak or chicken with green salad and 1/2 grapefruit
    Dinner: 2 boild eggs with 1/2 grapefruit.

    You can drink unlimted amout of coffee and tea as long as you dont put sugar or milk. ( You can put sweet and low )

    Good Luck

  4. danderma says:


    Ana 3ogob ma tezawajt ikteshaft inah life with a man is fattening. They would eat everything at all times and not gain weight o insist on you eating. My weight shot up like … hmmm 25 kilos… this summer i managed to lose about 9 kilos lakin after irmothan radait metant like 5… fa since i looked like a dinasour, then a big elephant, then a mini elephant, i want now to prevent my self from going back to dinasour and returning to mini elephant…

    I tried curve once… didnt like it, it just didnt work for me. But the wii kanat wayed zaina for me… at least itha te3ayazt a6l3 o aroo7 o abadel ilaa ma 3ndi excuse im home o kahee do it now…

    Good luck for both of us my dear… do let me know how you progress…


    Mmmm no? ur not being precise…
    its either Very out of shape… or very very toned up.
    When u go to women weddnings or receptions or gyms… you see banat sayreen masha2 allah models! saraw ya ama models, skinny with a bit of muscles o a light tan, working 24 hours in the gym, or elephants and dinasours…

    Fa beltalee if im going to a wedding, o being a woman, i wouldnt want to look like an elephant especially that my family are all thin o beautiful o im the least beautiful one there… at least thin would compensate ishwaya…


    Thanx for the diet.. did u lose Faat faat wella just water?

    I am a vegeterian so i dont see how that will work for me… but i have one of my sisters who eat nothing but meat… i will give it to her she will love it…

    yeseer grapefruit juice instead of grapefruit?

  5. Lama says:

    You reminded me of my Wii fit :) , I totally forgot about it.

    OK this weekend I’ll eat ur Salad … and make some exercise

    Ensha’Allah :)

  6. Amu says:

    LOL ur comments made me laugh…

  7. nemo says:

    best of luck inshallah …

    my only advice .. is that when u want to eat something u shouldn’t … come here o possssst
    find a trick like writing a post .. madri

  8. danderma says:


    Walla min seji… o ham ra7am alah imre2en 3araf qadra nafsah…


    Check my next post… inspired by you… thank you…

  9. aws says:

    when i was in your basement the bbq night, my eyes fell on the most beautiful picture … i spent a brief while just admirning it … there was you, along with your siblings… and boy, mashallah there was a real goddess in the picture…
    and you are still YOU, so what if you have excellent culinary skills that adds a few kilos… Mashallah your face is like one that is drawn in a painting… and i’m not talking about the picture… i’m talking about you.. as i always saw u !

    now about the wedding, i don’t know where I heard this statement, but i sure liked it:
    we own things, they don’t own us

    which means , you own el badla, el badla doesn’t own you, el badla has no right to change u, or exhaust u or hurt u… u own it for god’s sake !

    can’t el badla be titwassa3 eshwayya ?