Lost in Translation: A hilarious Menu!

http://benemersongolfperformance.com/experiences/ By | May 6, 2010


Ok i am not going to say which restaurant this belongs to, one day you might come across it…

But the menu is a disaster! Chock full of typos! A mine for LIT posts… i have a select *few* 😀

Lets have a laugh shall we? Read the blue circles below and above and enjoy the start of your weekend 😀

If you find the menu… you can play a game of count the number of typos… every time i look i find MORE typos!!! LOOOOOL!

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12 Responses to “Lost in Translation: A hilarious Menu!”

  1. chikapappi says:

    baaa6aa6ES lol !

  2. ShoSho says:

    LoooooooooooooL I was thinking what sakheera means and then I realized they mean small loool

  3. ansam518 says:

    LOL I love “Lost in Translation” Posts! I have quite a few from them on my blog LOL… one was earlier today hahaha! Hilarious!

  4. F2o Designs says:

    Hilarious! “Sakheera” reminds me of an episode from Rgaya o Sebeecha, when Su3ad 3abdallah says, “Ana Roqaya” then 7ayat el Fahad says, “O ana Sabeekha” 😛

  5. F2o Designs says:

    Oops posted twice sorry, delete the second one ;p (btw this word kept ringing in my head all day thanks to your post 😛

  6. Pisces Chick says:

    LOL!! Entay shlon it6e7een 3ala hal sowalif?? 😛