What's Wrong with Cinescape Show Times?!

buy Lyrica uk By | May 27, 2010

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A while ago i wanted to watch madry ay movie… and i coudln’t find reservations in a *decent* cinema. Killa ya Laila ya Ajyal…

I thought it was because of the movie. I have been away for a while, now Shrek III is out, it is a Big Deal y3ni… i try to reserve but…

What do i find?

If i want to watch it, i must either go to Laila or Muhallab or Ajial! No where else! If i want to upgrade and go to 360 i must go to the VIP theatre and pay 6 KD!!! and There are not shows in the Avenues!!!

Laish?! What are we supposed to do y3ni? This is not the FIRST movie that has this strange allocation! Either we go to Ajial o Laila or we pay 6 KD for the VIP in 360 and Avenues or what?! Stay at home?! Why?!

and what is showing *regularly* may i ask in the Avenues?

The Egyptian Noor Einy? Jack Hunter?! The Indian Movie Kites?! Iron Man 2 which was out a month ago?! NANNY MCFEE!?

Min 9ejkom wallah?! The new global movie Shrek is out and those are in?! Why? No really why?! Give me one good reason why i cannot go out for lunch in the Avenues or 360 in the Weekend and watch the LATEST Shrek III which is out across the world… WHY?!

La 7awla wala Qowata Ella Be Allah!

16 Responses to “What's Wrong with Cinescape Show Times?!”

  1. Curly Curls says:

    3ashan tedf3een 6KD w troo7een vip … yaboon flooos !! 5oosh strategy allah ya5eth’hom 😛

    • danderma says:

      bs il vip ma feehaa wayed karase! 9 madry 6! y3ni min cinema feha 200 kirsi X 3 KD per kirsi X 3 times aday leen two VIP shows X 6 KD X 9 chairs?

      madry ma a3teqed il salfa salfat floos… madry ana mani lagya shay man6eqee belle ga3deen yesawoonah!!!

  2. Sis, it’s obvious.
    They know that big hits are to be attended.
    They know that people would prefer 360 and Avenues to Muhallab and those other places.

    Since they can’t charge you 6 K.Ds in there, they put it there so 3adi and go to the big shot malls and make it only available in VIP.

    If only those people would boycott Shrek and such big movies in 360 and Avenues, Cinescape people will learn their lesson, but all people just support them. :/

    It is a trick to scam people, and people got scammed easily. (Sadly.. most Kuwaitis are.)

    • danderma says:

      Ok you see… your point is obvious …

      They know people would prefer going to 360 and Avenues…
      and they want to charge 6 KD ok?

      bs there is only one or two VIP shows… and each show can only accomodate 6-9 viewers
      y3ni 9*6 KD reb7yaa wella 200*3?

      hatha ele ana mo fahmetah? o laish il aflam il qadeema still ga3da ib Avenues o 360? y3ni laish laish abi afham laish?!!!!! mo kafee el theem ele inshofah? la akil mal awadm o il aflam imnatefaa o il iz3aaj china ib soog il mga9ee9? foog hatha b3d we cant watch new movies in the new theatres?

  3. Karamel says:

    They’re kinda dumb… If you think about it a normal cinema is like x3 the size of a VIP? so thats 9KD the equivalent of what a VIP would pay 6KD. They think they’re making money by letting people go to the VIP when really they are losing money.

    I think it’s time for a seriously proper cinema company to open up :S… I lost my faith in cinescape

    • danderma says:

      EXACTLY! y3ni normal cinema accommodates 200 viewers, el VIP less than 10! Fa even if the VIP was 6 KD but people there are losing the masses o ana mani gadra afham WHY

      I though so too… the moment i realized this new system is here to stay i said to my self they need another rivaling company to shake them up ib 9ara7a… i am tired of them messing whatever good things they do!

  4. 360dewan says:

    I think the last movie i attended in Kuwait was between 1997-1998, i guess the prices were something like 1.5 kd back then in Salmiya theater; for some reason I hate going to movies, i like to be in control of of everything volume, scenes, pauses … etc

    Just boycott them :)

    • danderma says:

      If i boycott them then how can i watch the latest movies? In the early 2000’s when Aramex was booming i used to get all my DVDs first hand… now to get a DVD you have to go through hell and wait forever and pay customs and wait until MOI clears the movie… it’s disgusting! I have no other choice :(

  5. Q80BOY says:

    Danderma let’s do it!

    You deal with the food .. and I’ll contact the movie companies and we’ll start our own company 😛 .. Danderma’s movies .. and the premier movie will be “Diaries of Dathra the Epic Q80″ 😛

    bas fikra 9a7? London 3indohom Odeon, Vue, Empire .. and proper food!!

    • danderma says:

      Hehehe ma 3ndi mane3… lakin where will you show the movies?!
      Btw who do you see playing Dathra in a movie, just curious :p

  6. Mademoiselle says:

    i stopped going to KNCC ages ago.
    i travel, rent my movies on itunes or stream online.

    • danderma says:

      I would stop going but then i would be left with a big gap of no where to go on the weekend :( i have to find an alternative source of entertainment …

  7. Aws says:

    i only watched the first couple of shreks when my niece got hooked on shrek last year…

    • danderma says:

      My hubby loves shrek and i like it enough to tag along… fa imagine he is so excited about the third one but we cannot find a decent time to go still!!! Urmph!