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By | June 1, 2010

It’s been AGES since i was last tagged! Q8y bloggers seem to have abandoned the practise all together madry laish yet i really miss it!


Jetpur قوانين التاج السلطاني
اذكر اسم من طلب منك حل هذا الواجب
تحدث عن ستة أسرار قد لا يكتشفها من يقابلك للمرة الأولى
حول هذا الواجب إلى ستة مدونين، واذكر أسماءهم مع روابط مدوناتهم في موضوعك
Illertissen اترك تعليقا في مدونة من حولت الواجب إليهم، ليعلموا عن هذا الواجب

Both Ma Vie… Ma Joie and Pisces Chick Passed the Crown to Me… Thanx Girls

My 6 secrets:

1- I love everything Japanese -except the food- and i want to live in Japan for a while, experience the life of those anime <3

2- People always say my first impression on them is that i am a snob who is full of her self and a very boring quite person. The same people however say that when they got to know me, they found out that i am totally the opposite, i am just very shy around people i do not know -yet-  and i a am a very loud person.

3-  Growing up,  i was ruthlessly bullied and oppressed by my cousins. I rebelled at age 18 and emerged stronger than ever but until this day i wish i could turn back time and stand up for my self. This will haunt me forever.

4- I have the shortest temper on earth. when i am angry i am ANGRY and it can get pretty ugly. Do NOT provoke me and steer away from my path if you do.  You have been warned.

5- I wanted to become an Archaeologist! Anything historical fascinates me! Inca and Egyptian Pharaohs are my favorites 😀 I also enjoy museums more than shops and enjoy documentaries more than musical.

6- I decide you have got a say in secret number 6… yalla tell?

OK i need to tag 6 bloggers who do still blog and have not been tagged yet? hmmm

I choose:

I pass this crown to ChirpZabo0o6aNew BrideEleventh St.Glitter, and Q8y Boy

Cheers 😀

6 Responses to “Tagged: The Sultani Crown Tag…”

  1. Pisces Chick says:

    oh! I have to share #1 with you! But scratch “except the food” because I LOOOOOOVE their food 😀

    #3 7yaaaaateee *hugs* :(

    • danderma says:

      3la number 3 waaah :`(

      I cannot eat the japanese food lel asaf :( only veggie noodles maybe

  2. Ok… the I love everything Japanese including the food :)
    We have to go to an anger management meeting :)

    • danderma says:

      Tadreen 3ad i wrote that part… about having to find an anger management class, in my post then i erased it?!

      sej ana 3n nafsi yabelee… mo 3n shay lakin if i get angry it is very very hard for me to let go of my anger and calm down!!! it is wearing me off…

      • Lol!!! I know a place…but are you ready to be labled as a crazy person? That’s the mentality of the ppl here…if you go to a shrink then there is something wrong with you ;p