Childhood in Q8 Means: MSX Sakhar!

By | December 29, 2010

I was going through a box of old junk the other day when I found the above cartridges!I was immediately pulled back in time to my childhood. Lazy summer mornings, us in Pajamas waking up to run downstairs and turn on the tiny TV and the MSX Sakhar computer, playing all day long while sipping KDD Mango and eating KDD ice cream!

Now all that’s left is those :( I remember the Castle and The castle two and the PENGUIN! ooh Rambo was amazing! I still play them on my PC using an emulator -and i am going to play the circus soon after this post :p – but still there something about puffing dust out of that cartridge and wrestling with it to fit into the MSX that is priceless. If only someone would invent a time machine :(

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  1. UmGhanim says:

    I found a brand new (!?) never been used atari still in its box in our store a while bk. I’m saving it and will sell it on ebay or something one day. Asked my mum how come its never been used, she said oh it was a gift for u kids but i forgot about it and never gave to u…she was always hidding gifts and forgetting them!!!