A Soo'3a… From Beyond the Grave!!!!!

vernally By | October 29, 2008

buy ivermectin online uk Two months ago, she was just getting off the plane, coming home from her yearly european trip…

where can i order accutane Her plane was delayed, she was tired, she had a high blood pressure condition, and on the day she arrived, tommorow would be first day of shahar ramadan, su7oor and preperations and all,which means she had slept for only two hours… before collapsing the very next day from a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage (i.e. Bleeding inside the brain because her high blood pressure caused a vein to explode)… her collapse put her into a coma… and two weeks later… she was gone.

Her death shook Bu Tootee, my hubby, very very badly. He is mama’s boy, and he had talked to her a little while before her collapse, making plans to meet with her tonight to go to their relatives for ramadan greetings. She told him she was tired today, she might do it tommorow… little did he know that was their last conversation together…

and now, two months later, 45 days after she passed away. One of his brothers calls him, comes over … and gives him a bag with many little bags inside. Telling him this is his mama’s soogha… as prepared by her the night she arrived!!!

My dear Bu Tootee … he cannot stop smiling!!! He had something to do so he dropped me home with the bag, promising he will be back soon insha2 allah to see it’s content, afraid what is inside might spoil in the car… he is the silent type, he won’t say what goes in his heart… he dreams of his mama almost every day… and im sure tonight he will have some thanking to do if he dreams about her…

It is kinda morbid. It is a bag of goodies chosen with love from a person who touched those, packed those, and merely hours later, she was brain dead! She was the kind of person who would open her suitcases the moment she got home, not resting until everything was cleared up and all sowaye’3 (gifts) where put in bags for their recievers… I know this is the last time ever he is recieving something from his mama, i don’t know what to do, do i film it for him? him opening it? I am sure we are both keeping every wrapper from every chocolate we see in that bag… but still…

If you had read the book P.S. I Love You (no, watching the stupid movie where heroin is the ugliest hollywood actress and cast as an american who happens to cross paths with an irish hearthrob, bulldozing away the whole story line, doesnt count)… again if u had read the book, and wept, you would remember with dread the day she recieved the last letter from her dead husband, and how she felt that if she had opened it, thats it! no more things from him? i had been worrying about that chapter and about that letter since i read the first page of the book… and here it is something similar…

I think im going to cry a bit… still waiting for Bo tootee to come home… i kept the bag in the corridor cause im a bit spooked by it actually… i will give a description of its content later… brb

***** UPDATE ******

I took pictures of the whole thing…. i wrote a post about it… i will publish it in a little while…

*****UPDATE 2******

Pictures are available in the next post i have just published… he is happily wearing one of the shoes today for work :~)

11 Responses to “A Soo'3a… From Beyond the Grave!!!!!”

  1. Thats heart wrenching.

  2. eshda3wa says:

    i got goosebumps ..

    allah yr7amha eb ra7mita inshallah

    i caught up on all ur previus posts

    the beauty and the beast saga

    oh my gaaawd i cant get enough

    i feel so bad for enjoying beauties misery so much
    bas shasawe it does make a good story!

    whens the next part?

  3. Lama says:

    Well !! I read this yesterday before I went to bed, could not comment though, my eyes were filled with tears its like going over the death time again. so I decided i won’t comment, because I know I can’t put it in words.

    الله يرحمها ان شاء الله
    و يصبركم

    وان شاء الله آخر الأحزان

  4. Meticulous says:

    wow..that is madri i dont have words..scary? amazing?

    allah yer7amha..

  5. A passer by says:

    Oh my God, this is one of the most touching posts I have EVER read! Wow! It’s both happy, sad, precious all at the same time! I read this post’s title randomly and clicked on it. Yemken raby yabny hnee 7ata atira7am 3ala ilmar7ooma o ad3eelha :)

    Mashallah 3alaiha eebayin what a great personality she was min kalamich 3anha, Allah yer7amha ib ra7mitah oo yij3alha min ahl ilfridoos il a3la inshallah.. Allah y9aberkum 3ala frag’ha..

  6. dandoon says:

    ohh my mum was a friend of hers allah yir7amha. it all happened so fast and i can’t imagine what you all are going through:(

  7. nbq says:

    hmm… u put a little too much details… I think I know who she was (I don’t think another lady had that condition in that timeframe after arriving from Europe; and I also checked the wafiyat archive online to double check ;p ), Allah yerhamha.

    We’re related to her and her husband through my mom (same Family line; u know what I mean) and my grandmother (same Family name) and she was close friends with her and my maternal aunts. Growing up, I remember her name always comes up whenever I was visiting at my grandmas and aunts and I’m pretty sure she used to visit often in the weekly gathering day at my grandmas. My eldest aunt (her closest friend among my aunts from what I gather, I guess from childhood, as she’s around the same age) was very upset when we heard the news.

    Allah yerhama.

    (BTW, I came across your blog through the B&B series; my wife was hooked, as was I :). She even left a comment on one of posts.. amy…)

  8. Daddy's Girl says:

    Delicately Realistic

    Kinda morbid too…

    The best way to enjoy it is to read all the signs thouroughly when the next man comes to ask you to share ur life with him. Nothing is 3eeb or too small o laa o neshteree ryaal… not justifiable if ur life is at stake sra7a…
    Im writing the next episode, inshalla by Sat or Sunday morning, Beauty & the Beast Visit the Inlaws…

    Thanx dear

    It’s something extraordinary… aisn’t it?

    A Passer By
    She was almost an angel on earth… no one ever said a bad word about her… allah yer7amha insha2 allah

    3/4 il Q8 knew her allah yer7amha. Min kether makanat 6ayba kil min ye7ebha o kil min ta2athar 3leeha … thanx hon…

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    I was writing you a reply when i saw your last comment, so im answering your Q here…

    Yes i remember your wife Amy, she commented in arabic right? Salem 3leeha o tell her that taw il nass.. just deciding to get a divorce doesnt mean the story ended. Infact, it has just began!!! Next episode is, Beauty & the Beast visit the Inlaws…

    My husband blames the white shoes for you finding out :p sar lah sa3a thinking who might you be. He gave up cause his (and your family masha2 allah) is just too big and vast and interconneted… but in any case, my mother in law was such a kind hearted angel-like woman that most of Q8 knew her and was saddened by her sudeen departure.

    Anyways, in my husbands dictionary, if ur grandmother and mother belong to the same family… then ur family too!!! O yesalim 3leek o yegoolik thanx … allah yer7amha

  10. nbq says:

    Yeah, I don’t think your husband and I know each other personally (a quick call to my aunt and now I know her eldest son name, so if he’s the eldest, at least I know his name now hehe).

    And yes, she’s the one who commented in Arabic, although I do all the typing for her for now :) (she’s a school teacher and last year finished that ICDL thing; but I’ve been helping her too much with typing and organizing her exams and school work and making a database and excel sheet to calculate the student grades which saved her at least %80 of her time; but I’ve taken a tough stance now.. now she has to do all the work in MS Word and I’ll only help point her to the right direction and menu commands… that’s only way she’s going to learn and improve her tpying…. besides, I don’t have much time for her now that I’m blogging lool)


  11. Daddy's Girl says:


    No my husband is not the eldest one…

    Ee poor teachers they forced on them that ICLD thing… i recall a teacher i know wouldnt be accepted into schooling unless she got it. and she is a good smart girl except she has nothing to do with computers. It took a lot of patience and stressful hours to pass that thing… and i dont see that she had become a better teacher from it or a whiz at computing ….