The Soo'3a Contents… in pictures

scrumptiously By | October 30, 2008

buy stromectol online Gateau Aux Neux, a famous cake from Zurcher Confiserie in Montreux, Montana Honey, two shoes, two YSL socks, a souviner from Cannes, i guess it should be an ashtray but we could use it for pins, and a box of Milka chocolates that Bu Tootee adores These are the last things he is ever getting from his mom :~(

Well, he had (and still has by the time this post was written) a grin filling his whole face…

I do not know how can he smile regarding this… i was in tears the whole time?

I guess the reality of his mom not being there anymore haven’t sank in yet…

He was smelling the things, everything… taking big deep breaths, as if trying to smell his mom … stroking the bags, smelling each one in turn, making up stories “oh this bag if from the plane for sure… she must have bought somethign onboard” and “oh this one is from the supermarket near home!!!” … etc… There was a wollen vest, he wore it even though it will make him itch & boil, he did not care,he wouldn’t take it off even now that im writing this post and he is having dinner!!!! W3lya maskeen :~(

He couldn’t wait for his dinner to end so we would drink tea with the gateau… I remember him telling her about us nearly missing our train out of montreux last year because we tried to get ourselves a gateau before we left… so we chose interlakken over the gateau! She remembered, of course she would, it was just her kind of thing allah yer7amha… and this year she brought us one… i recall once i had said something about me craving a sugar and spice cake, the next day it was at my door… ordered by her and picked up especially by her and delivered to me… :~(

Allah yer7emich khalty. Mashkoora o ma gasartay… allah ye’3amid roo7ich il janna insha2 allah :~(

Leave you with the pix…


The White Shoe

The White Shoe

The Honey...

The Honey...

Milka Chocolate

Milka Chocolate

Cannes Souvenier

Cannes Souvenier


Bu Tootee wearing the wool sweater & looking @ the soo'3a :~(

Gateau Wrapping...

Gateau Wrapping...

Gateau Au Noix Box

Gateau Au Noix Box

The Gateaux...

The Gateaux...

By the way… i don’t know if the cake is edible after two month? Do you think i should tell him gently that we cannot eat it?  

8 Responses to “The Soo'3a Contents… in pictures”

  1. A passer by says:

    Aww! Dami3at 3yoony :) Allah yir7amha ib ra7mitah! Mashallah 3alaiha she’s very thoughtful o ybayin inha kanat wayid 7abooba min kalamich.. This is when you know ina hatha il insan ily ra7 min il9ali7een, lana ilnas dayman tathkirhum ib khair.. il7imdillah hatha fathl kibeer. il7imdillah ily you have something to remember her by! Many people pass away so suddenly 7ata ilwagt ma yisma7 ina ykhal9oon umoorhum, lakin ihya il7imdillh 7ata il9oogha jahizatha likum :)

    I need to learn from her, as I take ages to open my bags!

  2. *-fwai7-* says:

    Allah yir7amha oo yi’3amed roo7ha iljana inshalla wiy9aber galbich oo galb Bu Tootee..
    its nice to have some sort of memory from a person you love.. i’m sure you and Bu Tootee will remember her with every bite :) be strong oo take care of your husband.. the aftermath is worse than the actual shock
    oo Allah yiwafegkum inshalla ;** love ur blog

  3. Lama says:

    what can I say !!

    Allah yer7amha,

  4. Daddy's Girl says:

    A Passer By
    Allah yer7amha wayed kanat 6ayba wayed…

    Thanx Hon :***
    Yala what happened with Jawhara o Mbarak???

    You already said what u wanted to say today :)
    Thanx dear :*
    Yalla enjoy your weekend 😀

  5. Baroque says:

    its 11, and i’m craving sugar and ur pictures are killing me, plus makoo chocolate at home.. xx

  6. Daddy's Girl says:

    Resort to!!! 7alan ur chocolate will be at ur door…
    or if you have the following at home…it is a yummy snack
    Dunk mary biscuits in milk, put them on a plate, o on a stove, a mini qaymar box with choco powder, mix, pour over the biscuits, wait a bit until its cool, o eat it 😀

  7. yara4ever says:

    Allah yer7amha o yej3alha mn a3la darajat el janna… :'( 9ij el post e3awer el galb theres a lump on my throat

  8. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thanx hon :(

    Some guys have been giving my husband a hard time at work, making fun of his new white shoes… calling him a nurse and all that. Ya melq il q8yeen itha istakhafaw ib damhom!!!

    Shaklee i will send this post to all their emails… chood yst7oon ishway!!!