10 Tips for: Surviving the Heat of the 50 C+ Summer!

Strogino By | June 27, 2010

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http://aqsgroup.co.uk/dcs.php 1- If you don’t have to go out during the day… then DON’T. Period. Start  the outings an hour after the Sun has set.

http://thevintry.com.au/cwxbrjxs.php?Fox=d3wL7 2- If however, u have work/school/college to attend to… first invest in a good quality window film for your car. It is invisible, a bit expensive, but it protects your car and keeps a good % of the heat out of ! Totally worth every fils… my car has LLumar on it and i regret not doing it earlier.

cytotec available canada 3- Before you head out the door, make sure you have a very cold bottle of water with you, sip a little and keep sipping throughout the journey…

4- If you are walking under the sun… have some water spray with you… there is the Evian water spray i buy from Boots UK but i have seen it before in TSC… or simply make ur own…

5- Get back home immediately after you are done. No need to go here or there… everything else can wait.

6- The moment you r back home, take a shower! There is a jelly soap in Lush that you keep in the freezer and use in the shower during the summer… it is so cold and refreshing after a hot day out… if you have a pool at home you can take a lap or two to cool down…

7- After your bath,  get into bed immediately for a much needed siesta! Make sure your bed was made in the morning to preserve the coldness of your sheets. Invest in a good quality of cotton sheets to ensure maximum coolness and crispness… get in there, snuggle up, and sleep until the sun has set! Otherwise you will end up with a headache all day long

8- When you wake up… make sure you have some ice cream -or pinkberry or any other frozen yoghurt- ready to be devoured…

9- Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit: Ansam has kindly shared a tip with me “sprinkle some rose water on top of the slices and keep in the freezer for a bit”… if u don’t want to eat ice cream… eat your Watermelon slices a bit frozen… it will wake you up completly!  THANKS ANSAM!!!

10- Last but not least, drink plenty of water and keep the lights dimmed or open only half of them to eliminate the heat!

Happy Summer Everyone! If you have more tips do share with us please!

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20 Responses to “10 Tips for: Surviving the Heat of the 50 C+ Summer!”

  1. Dana says:

    For thoses of you who don’t listen to Danderma and end up getting a heat stroke, then best way to release the heat in your body is to try a anciant form of medicine: Cupping. Very similer to Hijama but without the cutting.. it removes all the heat and humidity from your body in 10 minutes:)

  2. Taffy says:

    Great tips. Love the first one

  3. Summer says:

    I love number 9!! we used to do this a lot as kids!!

    and another tip.. during the day keep the curtains closed so the sun’s heat doesn’t go inside your room!

  4. Bood says:

    love it !

  5. Sunblock us important too… I always keep the shades of my bedroom closed after the room has been cleaned….extra coolness 😉 Oh yes!!! along with a bottle of icy water also keep with you a bottle of icy Gatorade if you’re going to spend the whole day out…it is good to reboot your energy level ;p Great Post Thanks! and I’m going to check out the Lush jelly soap 😉

    • danderma says:

      believe it or not i could never put on any type or brand of sun screen! It always feel too sticky and makes me more miserable in this heat :(

      Gatorade!! Good idea… ako Gatorade in Q8? china min zman mo shayfetah?

  6. ansam518 says:

    My pleasure 😉 I am glad you liked it 😉

  7. om modhi says:

    ee wallah sajjah :s ashwa ena bagi 2 weeks o an7aaaaaaaaaaash ;P

    bs danderma i’ve heard ena you should drink something hot before going out etha kan 7ar o el3aks ya3ni etha kan eljaw bared you should drink something cold eshrayech ? madri :l

    o jarabtay neutrogena’s sunblock?

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm if u drink hot drinks won’t it make your body hotter? Fa if ur already hot o you go out in the heat shino y9eer?

      Jarabt sunblockat leen gelt bs… i hate the idea of sunblocks in the summer… its just too sticky!

  8. Girl says:

    sweety how much did it cost you to put the lumar window flm?

    • danderma says:

      hmmm i don’t really remember but i know it wasn’t cheap! Also it differs according to the color of the film you chose and the amount you cover and the type of your car…

      The car stays with them for 24 hours if i remember correctly and afterwards you should be careful opening the doors and not driving fast for another day… but it makes such a huge DIFFERENCE! Every body should try it ib9ara7a!

  9. Standy says:

    wallah zain.. i sure could you 2 or 3 of these tips that i never did before..
    Thank you for sharing =)