30 things I never got to do before turning 30…

Ribeirão Preto By | June 21, 2010

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1- Speak French,German, and Italian.
2- Learn how to play the piano.
3-Learn how to shoot a gun.
4- Weigh 45 Kilos.
5-Get the perfect blonde hair dye.
6- Visit Japan.
7- Go to the original Disney Land.
8- Learn how to ski.
9- Get rid of Acne and Black heads for good.
10- Open my own restaurant/ cafe.
11- Publish my writings in a book.
12- Have the perfect Hollywood smile.
13- Prevent aging, wrinkles, and gray hair.
14- Join and actually commit to a gym.
15- Go to hajj.
16- Understand my fellow human begins.
17- Build my dream house… Tiny white small modern with  French doors opening to the garden.
18- Program a video game.
19- Finish my masters degree.
20- Organize all my photos into albums… All neat and dated.
21- Learn  Arabian calligraphy.
22- Learn how to apply makeup
23- Plant my own vegetable garden.
24- Learn karate or any other form of martial arts.
25- Learn how to cook eggs!
26-Stop biting my nails and growing them out like other normal girls.
27- Stop eating chocolate, candy, and soft drinks plus sticking to a healthy eating diet plan.
28- Grow long long eye lashes.
29- Get over my pet phobia.
30- Master the art of letting go and accepting what you have been dealt in life.

buy ivermectin uk Do you have a list of things you always imagined completing before turning 25 or 30? Please do share… and a word to the wise… what are you waiting for?!

24 Responses to “30 things I never got to do before turning 30…”

  1. nemo says:

    hehe :p

    do them before 35 :p

    • danderma says:

      LoooL all of them :p 30 years ma kafoone hal door 5 years! Insha2 Allah i will try itha Allah 3a6ana 3omor o 9e7a o 3afiya!

  2. TheStig says:

    I am few years far from 30 and i got scared by the list :s
    but :
    i hate Piano
    am a guy, so no blonde hair
    and Why Japan !
    don’t mind aging, wrinkles, and gray hair.

    and i must go to Hajj ! :/

    • danderma says:

      Haw laish scared?!

      Hajj used to be in the most amazing time… December… 7sfa 6afnee… must go before it arrives in the summer insha2 Allah…

  3. Q80BOY says:

    i’m learning spanish .. hate the piano .. can shoot a gun, i go bird hunting for fun 😛 .. lol my 12 yr old sis doesnt weigh 45 kilos .. im ok with my brown hair .. im not into the south east asia countries, id prefer south america .. never been to disney, maybe take the kids .. cant ski, but id like to .. acne? lol get acutane! .. ill wait for u to open a cafe i dont want one .. hmm id like to write book .. hollywood smile? whats wrong with Danderma’s smile 😉 .. u cant prevent aging without botox and the works 😛 .. hmm gym, why not buy a couple of machines and put them at home? .. never been to hajj but been to omra thrice .. i doubt anyone can understand humans 😛 .. that dream house is easy u dont want something huge .. programming? ive tried it it sux!! .. u should finish ur masters, educaton is the best thing in life! 😉 .. now with the internet and computers photo organizing is easy!! .. Arabian calligraphy? naaah 😛 .. i dont want to learn to apply makeup!! .. vegetable garden, they sell seeds in geant i saw them 😛 .. martial arts are great!! .. cook eggs? oh the heart shaped one 😛 .. stop biting ur nails!! ma yabeela shay!! 😛 .. no once can stop eating choco and candy if they read ur blog 😛 .. long eyelases, not a fan! 😛 .. i dont think ill ever get over my animal phobia .. hmm the last one is tricky 😛

    here’s mine 😛

  4. swera says:

    hhhmmm getting married and having a kid is my main goal before becoming 30!

    • danderma says:

      Insha2 Allah rabbi yerzegich ib koshat yahal b3d mo bs one kid goolay ameen :*

  5. Summer says:

    Good luck!! I can help with number 29!! pets are amazing!

    and number 15 inshallah you’ll do it!!

    • danderma says:

      Insha2 Allah… la in terms of my pet phobia i am hopeless… i don’t sit in an outdoor cafe because of pigeons and birds they make me run away screaming at the top of my lungs…

      • Summer says:

        Loool!! they’re harmless..
        think this way.. you’re ten times the size of a pigeon or any small pet.. trust me they’re much more afraid of you!!

  6. Dalal;* says:

    Inshalla Yu Do Them All
    Good Luck !
    And YAAY I’m 13 And Mastered Karate :)

  7. Shalala says:

    it’s just one that I wish to have before hitting 25:

    be who i want to be :)

  8. Shalala says:

    I mean, be who I envisioned myself to be when I was 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21… yea? khalas 25 marks the beginning of my adult life like i envisioned it: competence, control, CAPABILITY, confidence. :)
    :)) life is funny that way

    • danderma says:

      Loool 25 was my growing up age mark … i am about to turn 30 insha2 Allah soon o still don’t feel like declaring it my growing up adult life marker :p

      very funny indeed…

  9. FourMe says:

    Beat cancer.. By 30 inshallah I will be cancer free :)

    • danderma says:

      *rubbing eyes in disbelief*

      ya hala ya hala ya hala :**** taw ma nawar il blog :****

      ‘3al6ana 7obby… you will be cancer free by 29 and 6 months… you have 6 more months left to find something else to do before you are 30… yalla think 😀

  10. Chirp says:

    Why would U wanna weigh 45 kilos? Embrace ur curves!! 😀
    And is Ruq3a a type of arabic calligraphy? If it is, then there are easy classes, my friend learned in 2 weeks or something, very basic but nice nonetheless.

    • danderma says:

      Curves and clothing doesn’t really go hand in hand…

      i am actually thinking of Koofi calligraphy … it is the most beautiful calligraphy EVER! sadly it’s very hard to learn :`(

      • Chirp says:

        Btw, you can learn french in a place called Voltaire in jabriya, not the nicest setting bas isawee shighel, I am thinking of joinging to pass time this summer.

        and about the weight it all depends on how tall u are, i’m 150 cm and I weigh ** kilos, although I am thinner than my friend eb 8 kilos she looks thinner than me cuz shes taller by a bit, and her weight is spread out in a better way than me :p

        Finish your masters degree!! U can doo it dandermaa 😀

        And with the perfect hollywood smile, I kinda want it also, fy Lumineers the veneers eli they just put foog ur tooth and they dont have 2 yabridoon el thirs. chena chena chena isawoona eb International Clinic.

        Oo salamtich, inshala et7aqiqeen a7lamich kilhum one day :)

  11. Lama says:

    Do u really want to do these stuff?

    OK, whats stopping you … Go for it

  12. Inshallah you’ll go to Hajj and the rest are easy 😉 You want French lessons, best place is Berlitz fee Bnaid AlGar, I go there to refresh my lunguage skills 😉

  13. giggles says:

    lat5alen shay ib 5a6rich :)