Um Mit3ib's Noqsa :* By | July 4, 2010


Corato As i stumbled back home on Thursday night, half asleep after a long and very exhausting hard week, i flip open my living room lights and suddenly i stop in my tracks!

there, sitting on my dining table, is a big gorgeous purple basket filled with goodies and complemented with a yummy bouquet of roses… !

I turn to Butoote, wide eyed, it’s so unlike him to get me such a beautiful basket… Is it from you? I knew from his expression that it wasn’t… it can’t be a9lan… fa i go and see the Card… wella it’s from Um Mit3ib!!!

In case you have been living under a rock or something, Um Mit3ib was, and still is, one of the most amazing bloggers around… even though her blog no longer exist her presence is felt and she is greatly missed… i don’t need to introduce her … Um mit3ib ash.har min nar 3la 3alam 😉

Sleep forgotten, i took the lovely heafty basket to my favorite chair and grabbed my camera! It was so beautiful i didn’t have the heart to take it apart… i took maybe one million pictures! First of the roses… white roses happen to be my absolute favourite flower on earth!

There were rose petals on strewn across the goodies as well… it added an lovely touch to the basket <3

I noticed the basket was from J’s Bakery, filled to the brim with goodies! All Low Fat and guilt free! 3ez el 6alab! First came the cookie lollipops…

Then comes the low fat cupcakes… chocolate and vanilla…

Then came the brownies!

and Cookies! in 3 flavour b3d!

And there were Rocky Roads…

and those yummy chewy thingies with chocolate chips!

O on top of all those goodies… there is a lovely low fat pound cake!!! Perfect for a low fat breakfast!

I don’t know what did i do to deserve this amazing -and HUGE- gift basket… never in my life did someone get me something this beautiful -a7em Butootee take a hint- … i am sorry Um Mit3ib i couldn’t not post about this… it’s too pretty to be 6ay il Ketman wal Nesyan…

O i am so going to start sending out J’s Bakery gift baskets! It’s lovely and low fat! Whats more to ask for? The perfect gift !

Thank you very very much lovely Um Mit3ib… for making my weekend! breakfast lunch dinner Friday Saturday… kilah chomp chomp chomp 😀

Khooosh neqsa wallah 😉 i love your style bel teneqe9 :)

Now would you come back to blogging? Pretty Pleaaseeeeeeee! We miss u :(

Ta7yati 😉

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20 Responses to “Um Mit3ib's Noqsa :*”

  1. ansam518 says:

    3alaich bel3afia… nicely presented :-) WTG Um Mit3ib 😀

  2. DK says:

    3leech bl3afia 😀

  3. FourMe says:

    I’m drooling here!! 3alaich bl 3afya looks YUM!! Ok seriously I want that basket like now bs abeeha full fat :p

    • danderma says:

      4yyyy :*

      Tadreen 3ad i was thinking “this is one thing we could send 4y!” bs ma a3teqed yekhaloona indez akel o u can’t eat no9 il a’3rath mooo? Give us the green light to send food o netfaham 😉

  4. noora says:

    yea um mit3ib plz come bq 😀
    i for one miss ur posts and ur czn 7afsa mo :p
    come bq girl

    • danderma says:

      Ee wallah chanzain… ya bnaya sem3ay il kalam o come back :(
      mo3jabenech fe intethaar :`(

  5. I love the packaging and presentation…3alaich bel3afai :)

  6. eshda3wa says:

    um mit3ibooo

    china ra7 abde aghaar !!


    all looks beautiful!

    3alaich bel3afya danderma

    • danderma says:

      Hehehe lo thal min il basket shay chan i sent it over bs lel asaf we ate it all alll all :p

      Allah y3afech hon :*

  7. mjkout says:

    Bil 3afyaaa

    we miss Um Mit3ib an her Khaima Um Mit3b Where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • danderma says:

      thank you… i told Um Mit3ib inah we miss her terribly come back bs im3anda :(
      Plz come back!

  8. doona says:

    maaaaaaaaaan that looks good!! 😀

  9. um-mit3ib says:

    hahahha akhjaltay tawatho3y;p


    • danderma says:

      Ma7ad akhjal tawatho3ona ella intay :* Thank a million hon…

      shofee il mo3jabeen wal mo7ebeen sheygoloon! Kilhom want you back!