Blast 4m the Past: The Dial Up Sound!

By | July 4, 2010

I love this sound! Whenever i heard it meant we had gotten an internet connection after an hour or so of redialling! Excitement starts bubbling  inside my stomach and spreads to tips of my toes, fingers, and hair follicles! I don’t hear it anymore unfortunately, such a pity wallah!

la7agtaw 3la ayam il Dial up and this sound? Don’t you just love it?!

16 Responses to “Blast 4m the Past: The Dial Up Sound!”

  1. Sn3a says:

    Hehehehe that’s the sweetest voice from 1999
    Oh God shkethr kent at5ayyal hal 9ot 5a9tan bl 36la kan bl’39b yshbek
    o knt amot lamma yashbk o y6l3ly incorrect password
    hehehe a7la ayyam;(((((

  2. Q80BOY says:

    when i was a kid i always wondered what caused this sound .. 7asafa i didnt get the chance to ask any of my Computer Science teachers last year 😛 9ij thikrayat .. i was in the fir3 today o there was a machine selling the cards .. fee people use them still? 😮

    • danderma says:

      people still use it? i might go and buy one o test it just for the sake of old times!

  3. noora says:

    athker me and my czn ib their house taly eleal/ fayer we would “connect” 3ala qolatna “nashbik”
    o en5af min her dad ma yertha neshar, we used the cushions o stack them 3ala il computer ya3ni naqmet il sound 3shan 5aly ma yeg3ad LOOL

    sent a link to my czn 😉 ayam!!

    • danderma says:

      LooooooooooooooL ana oboy kan ya6fer laman yeshofnaa sahraneen 3leeh :p

      i remember mara he came down for fajer prayers o shafnee online zafnee… fa i closed it o went to bed… at noon wella a friend of mine visits unannounced to take something o woke me up… o ana 3en imba6ala 3en imsakara yom ra7at gelt khal ajareb ashbok o awal ma shobak wella oboy tawa raj3 il beet… athker zafnee zaffaaaa 3balah min elfayer ga3da ma gemt!!!!

      • noora says:

        u brought back alotta memoris :)
        madri lesh qemt at.thakar those
        days i spent over at my uncle’s or granny’s ana o bnat 5ali!
        qabel dial up o now im typing min iphone ;/ qametha
        thanx for this nice post ;*

        • danderma says:

          I know how much those days meant for me 😀 that’s why i love this sound so so much

  4. Om Lujain says:

    WOW… bitter sweet… I remember waiting for that in order to go online and chat on irc.. loool.. Oh God.. those were the days when we had to work to come online! I miss those days… I tell you kids today really get everything easy… so easy I feel its boring! Great post!

    • danderma says:

      LooL true… i remember spending HOURS redialling ayam KEMS just to get through… ayam wallah 😀

  5. Bu Yousef says:

    Patience-testing sound! :)
    Last year, BBC’s WS was asking for ‘sounds’ to make a library. They called it ‘Save our Sounds’.

    • danderma says:

      Fe3lan Patience Testing sound… i remember listening to it while being on the verge of bursting from excitement! It’s like our reward for dialing one million times 😀

      Thanx for the link! Looks interesting :)

  6. Standy says:

    OMG.. thikrayaaat!!!
    lool.. used to wait for the sound to connect as if its a matter of life and death lool..

    memories wallah!!

  7. ShoSho says:

    I totally agree.. nothing excites us anymore :( such a pity!

    • danderma says:

      Eee lel asaf :( i might keep it as a ringtone… annoying yes but it will bring back so many lovely memories :p