My Yummy Tea Time Treat In Pictures… By | October 30, 2008 Ta Daaaa!!! Gone in 60 Seconds insha2 allah! We recieved a box of mini Flakes from the UK… YAY!!!

So… Tea time (or coffee time) for me is sacred. It always reminds me of my father, who after waking up in the evening would gather us around him o feed us tea, mary biscuits, and cakes!!!
So, today i was fasting with Bu Tootee, i really don’t care much what i have for fo6oor, even plain water and a bite of bread would do. But what matters to me is what i drink with my coffee afterwards. Today, i was at loss… until i remembered something i am craving…

You see, I love ice cream… I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! also, one of the best things in the summers of london is shopping with a 99 flake cone dripping on ur hands while carrying bags. So, since i do not go in the summer, there is no 99 flake being sold in the freezing british weather!!!
But today i am craving it…

So, we got out a small portion sized tub of non fat vanilla petra ice cream. We have this amazing toffee sauce from M&S that just adds an umphh to any simple dessert. and the tray of flake…

We put the ice cream, the sauce, and stuck a flake each… and it is ALMOST like the one we would have eaten if we were walking in oxford. y3ni a whiff of it… the next best thing… but it is a good dessert, considering the ice cream is low fat and almost tasteless … alongside the mug of coffee… it is the perfect treat il 7amd le allah 😀

Here are the pix…

A tray of British Flake!!! Made the way it's supposed to be...  Yummmmm

A tray of British Flake!!! Made the way it

The toffee sauce... even on plain cornflakes its amazing!

The toffee sauce... even on plain cornflakes its amazing!

Ta Daaaa!!! Gone in 60 Seconds insha2 allah!

Ta Daaaa!!! Gone in 60 Seconds insha2 allah!

7 Responses to “My Yummy Tea Time Treat In Pictures…”

  1. Purple & Gold (2-0) says:

    @@ ( WooooW )

    lesh kil eta3theeeb hatha. mara el BBQ and now this

    you know you dont have to share everything with us.

  2. Daddy's Girl says:

    Purple & Gold

    But it’s low fat ice cream :p

  3. *-fwai7-* says:

    hehehe 3awafiiii! ur like me, mudminat ice cream!!
    oo taqabal Allah 6a3atkum 😀

  4. Daddy's Girl says:


    Allah ye3afeech dear Thanx mina o minich insha2 allah 😀
    Ee i could let go of everything food wise but not ice cream… My favourite combination includes going to Baskin Robbins o having the 1.5 KD tub with five flavours (Cookies n Cream, Rainbow, Strawberry Cheesecake, Pecans n Caramel, o some extra flavour) then smothering it with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and nuts … yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Zabo0o6a says:

    i usually dunk a scoop of icrecream with my black coffee and that toffee suace sound heavenly !
    Btw Bel3afya ..

  6. Daddy's Girl says:

    Allah ye3afeech … it is a heavenly sauce… it is almost always sold out in M&S food section of Kuwait!!!
    Which is an amazing place by the way…

  7. Lama says:

    I need to go to M&S soon.