What weird food combinations work for you?!

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I slave over the stove trying to make the perfect vermicille rice, i was craving a meal of vermicille rice and KDD low fat yoghurt… 2 hours later my rice is done, steaming and fluffy… Butoote asks if it’s ready and i say yes…

I then find the dish above… apparently my dear husband believes that adding green grapes to vermicille rice and topping it with yoghurt is the culinary delight (NOT)!!! Why would he do that WHY! He ruined my perfectly fine rice! He swears by this combination though there is no way on earth i would have it!

Would you try that combination? Do you have any weird food combinations that disgusts others but works perfectly for you?

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  1. FourMe says:

    U need to have those taste buds of ur hubby checked :/
    U know me am picky eater so yala akil normal food let alone have weird mixes..

    • danderma says:

      Sheftay shloon? the man has the strangest taste buds! O i am like the fussiest eater on earth :S

  2. ansam518 says:

    http://ansam518.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/random-thought-31/ <— It didnt disgust many!

    I also like: http://ansam518.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/can-you-guess-the-sandwich/ and I do add caramelized popcorn to it too 😛

    Yogurt with za3taar

    Pineapple and artichoke pizza

    Beetroot and apples in mixed leaf salad

    Mango + Salt + daqqoos bu deech (or Tabasco)

    Avocado mixed with tahini or hummos as a spread

    Honey on scrambled eggs (or maple syrup)

    McDonalds fries with their sweet chili sauce

    French fries sprinkled with vinegar, sea salt, pepper mix (and paprika) hmmmm thats normal I guess!!! Not so strange 😛

    Sea salt or salt on some fruit like apples, watermelon, mango 😛

    Pizza crust (the very end that many people throw away) dipped in honey… which is AWESOME! Basically it has the flavors leftovers barely touching it and the honey just adds to it

    Orange juice with parsley and topped with shreds of green apples

    Oreos and peanut butter (I avoid it cuz its loaded with calories :-()

    OK OK! I can go on and on and on… .so I better stop gabel matraj3eeen! I can imagine you going YA3 YA3 YA3 – Estaghfarallaah at some of my choices so yeah I will stop now 😛

    • danderma says:

      You do have some weird combinations i admit… but not all of them are weird :p well the popcorn one is weird a bit but it’s like eating cornflakes (the one with the bee? the puffed corn thing?) … i know of some people who eat their cornflakes with black tea instead of milk :S

      I loooove el pizza crust! I would never throw it away! How do people depart with it is beyond me!

      The only thing on your list that made me go y3 y3 y3 is the mango salt daqqos bu deech !!! ewwww :`(

  3. I always loved a sweet and sour combination of foods…
    Like Marag simach & Muhamar rice (sugar rice)
    sweet and sour chicken or hamour
    Tunisain chicken with honey and apricots
    rosted leg of lamb with prunes and honey…
    Peanut butter and jelly…
    on occaisions when I eat rice I like my 7ashou with raisns…
    But in the end it is annoying when you’re slaving over the stove to make the perfect dish and the men come and add something and ruins the whole thing…. I stopped making pasta sauce from scratch and use bottled ones ’cause hubby puts ketchup in his… I still remember that day vividly 10 years ago… I was so furious!!! I guess we do forgive but we don’t forget ;p

    • danderma says:

      Not so weird though… i usually like salt and sweet together like salted caramel truffles or chocolate popcorn with salt …

      KETCHUP! KETCHUP why ketchup! WHY!

      I know exactly how you feel… it hurts!

  4. Layla Eden says:

    Peanut butter and syrup on toast. Heaven.

  5. giggles says:

    yes i would definitely try that combination but without the grapes hehe, two of my best combinations are:

    – white rice with marag 3adas and ketchup
    – cheese omlet with caramalized balsamic vinegar.

    yummy 😉

    • danderma says:

      Laish el ketchup m3a maraq il 3ds?!!!

      The cheese omelet with the balsamic doesn’t sound too weird… maybe a bit too sour? :p

  6. Girl says:

    hhhmmm,,, grapes with rice?? hehehe i cant imagine eating that…
    well for me i like to eat

    – the left over 7asho from lasagnia vegs or meat with rice! yuumm,,,
    – eggs with ketchup!! cant live without those two together!
    – Mc fries dipped in their vanilla ice cream
    – mix different juices with laban 😛 love the colors that i create 😛
    – peanut butter sauce with chicken! the BEST

    cant think of anything else,,

  7. lemonnyyy says:

    i know people who ….

    eats cornflakes .. :D:D
    WITH LIBAAN !!!!!!

    3ala golathum;; it tastes like pinkberry ;p

  8. Summer says:

    I eat machboos with laban, ketchup, hot sauce, and i cut small pieces from the chicken. Then I mix everything up!! walla it tastes good!!

    I also eat: 5obiz irani that has kraft cheese spread on it, cucumbers and honey!!

    I’m weird when it comes to food!

  9. Q80BOY says:

    3aysh o roub = whacko for my taste .. now add grapes?! 😮

    Bu Tottee must open an exotic foods cafe .. he can use some of Ansam’s mixtures as well 😛

    • danderma says:

      3aysh o Rob is amazing tra 😀

      and i am sure that cafe will go bust in one weeks time :S i personally won’t step foot inside it!

  10. Curly Curls says:

    ummm , Buffak or salted chips weya robe
    i dont find find it as weird as spaghetti with yogurt tho .. my hubby’s fave :S

  11. Deedz says:

    Gaimar o mel7

    Corn Flakes with Chay 7aleeb 😛

    these are my quirks

  12. BNDQ8 says:

    hmm…and i thought that my sister and i are weird eaters..lol!! we all have really crazy combinations…so i guess its normally for your hubby as well!!

  13. karamilah says:

    well yes, i would go for it and try. I’m everything about trying weird things lol.

    from my side, i’m used to many weird combinations, as follows:
    – harees (made with la7am not chicken) + murg smach, just the murgah not the fish.
    – balalee6 with jam
    – gur9 with jam
    – 5bz rgag weya samn w shkar
    – peanut butter sandwich with bananas
    – celery with peanut butter

    ne ways that’s all i can remember for now, but there are many others.

    • danderma says:

      ok you have the weirdest combinations so far :S
      Harees o maraq smch? :`(

  14. Basha says:

    its not so strange !! i used to see yadee allah yr7maa do this oo almost all the ppl on my mom’s side of the family still do this , i guess its an old kuwaiti thing ,,, my eyes teard up when i saw the pic thakaratnee eb yadee :”””(

    • danderma says:

      Really? I don’t think it’s an old q8y thing per say maybe it’s more of a family thing… especially that everyone seem to see it for the first time :S

      Allah yr7mah insha2 Allah :( I am sorry if i made you sad!

      How do u do it y3ni? You provide grapes o yoghurt on the lunch table next to rice? What about maraq?

      • Basha says:

        laa bel 3aks I am not sad , its nice to remember him , well , at lunch time bel zwaraa they would have regular food e.g. machboos deyaay and next to the salad , marag , harees , and tamr , etc they would always always have grapes !! and they would minx the grapes with the food just like your husband and eat it , maybe it’s the same concept as kishmish in the 7ashoo 😛

  15. noora says:

    my auntie’s ramathan thing; harees mixed with salad and maraq added !!
    i’ve never seen her taf6er 3ala shay rather than this combo ever

    • danderma says:

      It must taste very good to her if thats what she has for Ramadan! I wouldn’t be able to watch it though :s

  16. om modhi says:

    lol a7es kil elreyayeel chethey .. o qaseb lazim etjarbeen nafs rayli .. bas taben el sij? akthar el marat ye6la3 latheeeeth 😛

    ana aklety elmofathala toast with cheese fa ya3ni akeed mara7 akil ashya’a ghareeba ela shay wa7ed o ma a7esa ghareeb waid etha malegait kakaw bel bait akil nutella with banana o fooga cornflakes yumm 😀

    • danderma says:

      Ee lazim ajareb his crazy combo’s and i decline o it ends up in a screaming match! Ma teswa 3lena wajba…

      I wouldn’t mind eating toast o cheese for a life time 😀

  17. ansam518 says:

    Danderma… sometimes when in a restaurant, and when they place the bread basket and butter in front of me and I see brown sugar I do this: Spread the butter on brown bread and sprinkle it with sugar… with American (or black) coffee, its a dessert hahahahaha

    • danderma says:

      @_@ why would you do that y3ni! Shai6ana :p

      The worst combo i had with butter is in Lenotre… Olive bread o 3leh butter then i dip it in the olive paste… y3ni hathee my adventure :p but it’s good!

  18. wet knickers says:

    carrot sticks and peanut butter! its soo yummm!!!
    and when i bake cookies.. i sprinkle sea salt on them 😀
    and orange juice with cayenne pepper 😉

    • danderma says:

      OJ and Cayenne?! That would put a whole through my stomach immediately :S

      Cookies and sea salt… salted cookies! I might try it one day 😀

  19. Chirp says:

    My most famous food combination that all my family make fun of me for is usually in irmuthan, I mix my harees with my machboos with my salad and ma3booch :p

    I get full really fast oo ma abi e6oofni shay min el akil :p

    • danderma says:

      ok why don’t you put them in the same plate but eat them separately?

      y3ni why do they have to be mixed?

  20. Om Lujain says:

    Spaghetti and Yogurt, Rice and Banana :)

    • danderma says:

      Laish y3ni rice and banana?
      o you are the 2nd one to say spaghetti and yogurt!

  21. ShoSho says:

    hehehe like I said, Chapati with Tomato and avocado 😉

    • danderma says:

      I like my chapati’s plain thank you very much :p
      not even cheese on top

      but i have seen how they cook them in q8 recently and to be frank i didn’t like how they use their bare hands in the dough making and the cooking :S

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  23. انا ماعندي اكلات غريبه :p

    بس ابوي يحب يحشي الخبز بالموز لول

    و بنت خالتي كله تخلط العيش مع الجريش :s

  24. jellyfish :) says:

    peanut butter and mayonaise. u have to get the perfect amount or else it ruins it. also peanut butter and honey tastes like caramel. *-* choc sauce (ya know the one for icecream) on beef pies. -._.- yum.