Things 2 Get from London: Ben's Cookies!

By | July 6, 2010

This post is a dedication to Z who simply adores Ben’s Cookies 😉

One thing we must MUST stock on while visiting London is Ben’s cookies! If you are a fan of chunky almost cake-ish cookie then this is the brand for you… my husband cannot resist them and he insists on buying -and immediately devouring his and my- cookies whenever we pass by…

Last year a new small branch opened up in Oxford Street right next to Boots. We used to get our fix from Covent Garden market before that!

Praline and Milk chocolate is my favorite cookie while Dark Chocolate & Nuts and Double Chocolate Chunk is Butoote’s! The pieces of chocolate are BIIIIG and really soft and tasty… a must try for any cookie lover if you are not already a fan!

The day before you come back home you can grab our selves a big tin (shown above) and fill it with cookies for you or grab the small tins and fill it with some cookies to make a fabulous and tasty London souvenir for friend and family back home! The tin will keep the cookies fresh and soft for up to two weeks!

Or you can order them online by clicking here and send them to your Aramex UK inbox! I did that once… and it arrived fresh and amazing… though i think it does taste better when you grab it from the window bs shinsawee b3d…

Or if you are in Riyadh or going soon or know someone there… they can send you a box… yes they have it there *Green Eyed with Envy* Why don’t we have it here y3ni?!!! Will someone please bring it here!

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12 Responses to “Things 2 Get from London: Ben's Cookies!”

  1. Confashion says:

    Too risky for me!

  2. Karamel says:

    you have no idea how much joy this post brought me. it reminded me of the good old days when i used to live in Bath, England. and how my mum used to take us to ben’s cookies on sunday mornings. aww i miss those days :(

  3. Obsessco says:


    my sister just got a box from a friend, i kept sneaking and taking little bits untill i finished all, it was SO good!

  4. om modhi says:

    yummmmmmmmmmmmmie a7eb el milk choco o triple choco 😀

  5. dana says:

    yummmm yummmmmm
    its one of the best cookies ever !!

  6. Dalal;* says:

    AWW :(
    I used to live in bath when I was little :(
    I miss it :(

  7. Jassim London says:

    There’s one in Oxford St?!? Since when?!? Shows how long I haven’t been in my city! Omg =[