Recipe: Light & Summery Vegetarian Pasta in 15 Minutes!

By | July 9, 2010

Shayouma & MiYaFuShi asked me for a recipe that was easy, fast, and low in fat. I was thinking what to have for lunch when this recipe jumped into my head and i knew it would make a good post that serves that purpose.

This is a very light yet very fulfilling summery Pasta salad with ingredients you can find in any fridge/Cupboard… you will need: Pasta Fyonkat, 1 Cucumber, 1/2 Red Pepper, 1/2 Yellow Pepper, 1/2 a Can of Sweet Corn, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper, Mustard, Lemon Juice, and Low Fat Yoghurt… and that’s it!

You start by taking a handful of Pasta and boiling it for 8 minutes…

While the pasta boild, wash the veggies and start cutting the red peppers into small cubes and adding it to the salad bowl…

Do the same with the yellow peppers… also cut the cucumber into small traiangles and add them on top of the red pepper…

Now drain the can of corn and wash it well under the water… then add it to the bowl…

Now mix the veggies together and sprinkle with some salt…

Now the Pasta is done of course… you can always add one cup of water over the boiling pasta water to stop it’s cooking and have it Al Dente if you want… if you do so remove it one minute after pouring the water… drain the pasta…

Now open the cold water and wash the pasta thoroughly underneath to cool it down… i don’t add any salt or oil to my pasta while it’s cooking so nothing will be lost y3ni…

Leave the pasta aside to cool some more while you mix the dressing… just open the yoghurt, grind some pepper, add a dash of mustard, two tablespoons of lemon juice… and stir till it’s mixed! 2 minutes tops! If you don’t mind mayonnaise add a squeeze as well it will give a nice edge to the taste but i don’t eat mayo in the summer fa i left it out…

Now my pasta is cool i will add it on top of my veggies… don’t you dare add it while it’s still hot because it will cook the cucumbers and it will taste horrible!

Now get your olive oil. I always buy the best quality virgin olive oil from Arth El Ma3areth… they bring the Palestinian Olive oil in tanks and it’s the best olive oil on earth. Period. The smell is out of this world and it will elevate any dish you use it in! See the residue? Ahhhh….

Add a dash… a little dash… see how it clings to the pasta?

Mix the salad and smell the Olive Oil wafting to your nostrils… if you eat the salad now it’s more than ready 😀

Now add some of the yoghurt sauce and mix… you don’t need all of it…

And you are DONE! It’s ready to serve in less than 15 minutes!!!!

My baby sister who doesn’t cook makes it in 10 minutes. if you eat a little bowl you will be more than full for it contains pasta and olive oil and veggies… You can add Feta Cheese or Red Kidney Beans to make it even more nutritious… i would have added chopped parsley but i didn’t have any… it would also be amazing with it!

If you make this pasta and liked it… let me know 😉

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18 Responses to “Recipe: Light & Summery Vegetarian Pasta in 15 Minutes!”

  1. Om Lujain says:

    lol.. I just came back from the kitchen desperately looking for something to eat.. and I ended up with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.. if only I saw this before I went in.. this looks delicious… I just don’t have that particular type of pasta atm, but I have plenty of other types.. YUMMY! Yala.. thanks for 2morrow’s lunch or dinner idea 😀

    • danderma says:

      Wee 7safa :)

      i do recommend it with this type of pasta though it just tastes so much better… if not use fusili
      Insha2 Allah tomorrow you try it 😀 let me know how it goes!

  2. Summer says:

    that looks amazing!! I should try it!

  3. rania says:

    wooooow looks sooo perfect for this weather, teslam el2ayaddiiii…

  4. Very light and looks yummy! Thanks!

  5. MiYaFuSHi says:

    ooooooooooh!! Looks so yummy! and definately easy to make! Will try it out asap, thanks darling 😀


  6. ShoSho says:

    heheh Shokran I will do it tomorrow! and hope to see more of those posts :*

    • danderma says:

      lol 3afwan let me know how it goes :*
      Insha2 Allah ya ‘3ale wel 6alab rekhee9!

  7. intlxpatr says:

    Holy Smokes, Danderma, that is a gorgeous salad. I just ate dinner and I would eat the salad anyway. The olive oil looks wonderful, just as lush as you said. Oh, yummmm.

    • danderma says:

      lool thanx hon :*
      The first thing u should try with your olive oil when it arrives is this salad 😉

  8. Pisces Chick says:

    It looks yummy!!!
    Thank you for sharing (^.^)

    PS; I’m literally drooling!!

  9. Kinz says:

    Here’s a tip for adding peppers, small broccoli florets, or thinly sliced carrot, toss them in the pot with the pasta just 20 seconds before you drain the pasta. It will blanch them and brighten their color without losing crunch. Also if you have some leftover roasted chicken breast, it’s a nice addition to the salad.

  10. noon says:

    thanx , now im drooling over my keyboard at work :(