Sega Master System Emulator … the solution to my insomnia!

Gjakovë By | October 31, 2008

Xinyu I recall the day i knew what i wanted to be when i grew up…

is it safe to buy antabuse online I was 7 years old, and daddy walks in with a Sakhar MSX PC in hand. We all gather around him, open mouthed, while he connected it to our tv, put in a cartridge called Alf Ba2 Ta2, and started making us play…

On that day… i knew i wanted a profession where i know every thing about this little box of wonders!

So growing up, i loved my video games! I would sit with my brother for hours, playing on the latest it machine, just like the rest of our generation i guess. After the invasion of 1990 we have lost the MSX machine, but i do still have the cartdiges, so we began wandering into the world of Sega, and nintendos, and then later dreamcast and psps and ds and finally Wii, there was a machine that didnt last much, i dont recall its name, it had a worm dressed up as a space man game…

So anyways, the first of the lot began with Sega Master System… it is black and maroon as i recall and we had three games for it (we bought the sega genesis very shortly afterwards fa no time for it)… Alex in Miracle World, A warrior game, and the most stupid penguin game on earth…

so we took the Master System to our place in the UK and kept it there. In the years to come, whenever i was sick in the summer, or bored, i would get it out, finish the Alex game, and fiddle with the warrior game that goes on forever…

I am a person who doesnt like change much, so when u say sonic the hedgehog, i would not enjoy it UNLESS it was the very first sonic. I would play it for hours on end, each song and each turn pulling me back int ime, actually the smells and conversations that took place in that era comes back full force. I still remember the cheat code for Alladin game (right left up down A+Start)… and the codes for mortal combat that would make the loser a baby, or make him die a violent death!!! Or the story lines that would come up after Street Fighter, how i would finish with each character only to read the story lines.

But alas, my mother hates clutter. So at any given chance, she would  throw away the old unused machines and its cartdiges.

The only one i have now sitting next to me is my nintendo DS, my Wii (almost about to finish paper mario by the way), and my old dream cast!!! I keep the dreamcast for two reasons… 1- Crazy Taxi and 2- Shenmu… my 2nd most favourite game after all the zelda’s!!! I finished Shenmu 1, which at its time was a big hit in 3d games, and im almost done with shenmu 2, but because that stupid last CD from hawalli wont work, i had to buy it all the way from UK, only to remember that i have changed the lense of my dreamcast from the UK original one to the US one to run shenmu 1!!! and there is no shenmu 2 US version!!!! So unless Bu Tootee tolerates me and takes it back to Hawalli for a change, i must wait..

Anyways, back to tonight…

Since i have nostalgic pangs to my childhood, i discovered THE BEST WAY EVER to play all your favourite games, on ur PC…

It’s a little thing called an emulator.

Its basically a program, you run it on ur pc, and you download the games you want to play, and you open those games from the program and VOILA!!! you play whatever u want!!!

I finished Knightmare and Rambo, the Goonies, and almost the Penguin and the Pyramids using my MSX emulator.

I finished Sonic 1 & 2 using my Sega Genesis Emulator. I play many other games all the time. But mostly i miss sonic 1

and today, i was craving playing with Alex Kidd, it reminds me soo much of london.

so i cannot sleep. I downloaded the Emulator for Sega megadrive, downloaded the rom for Alex Kidd in miracle word, and im playing away… Wanasa!!!

It looks that i will sleep today at 6 am… i plan on finishing the game tonight insha2 allah…


12 Responses to “Sega Master System Emulator … the solution to my insomnia!”

  1. Anna says:

    The mega drive is now 20 years old.

  2. Mark says:

    Wow, its good to see someone else into vintage games.
    I’ve kept most of my systems

    The best one among them all is the Dreamcast of course, it was ahead of its time and it had a lot of great games on it like Shenmu.

    I just ordered the Mortal Kombat plug and play game, will post a review once i get it and play with it. I guess since I cant find the machine anywhere in Kuwait to buy this is the best next thing

  3. Meticulous says:

    lol omg your enthusiasm so damn cute.

  4. nemo says:

    wow wanasa games night enjoy 😀
    My all time fav game will be nintendo/MARIO …. I like them all and got addicted to all of them
    my second fav was nintendo/Donkey Kong

  5. nbq says:

    Ahhh.. the MSX days…
    I remember when we first saw the Alamiya Shakhat MSX commercial on TV, we went nuts! My late uncle, Allah yerhima took me to one of those tiny places selling it in al-duwaliya mall (can’t really call it a mall now in comparison to what we have now; maybe just a a complex) and we got on.

    I first learned touch typing (eng and arabic) using the Sakhar program that tought.. lool كمنت شسيب and تنمك شيسب.

    I enjoyed that soccer game the most. I tried Ramboo, but it always almost gives me a hart attack when he’s suddenly zapped with that lazer thing (the memories are fresh, I think b/c I exclaimed once in front of my mother that it almost stopped my heart and she said, اسم الله عليك, you should never play this game again. loool)

    Yeah, I came across the emulators about 5 year ago… it was fun playing the games again for a while… but no time for that now…

    Perhaps you can include the download links for those interested in trying it out.

  6. Anonymous Coward says:

    Best thing is playing the emulators on a PSP if you have one. All consoles in the palm of your hand.

  7. shoosha says:

    i remember the penguin game bil sakhr thingy ;p

  8. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ee i remember your post. To be frank i was sooooo envious you still had your consoles when all i had was emulators :(
    I do love shenmu and Dreamcast. I cannot fathom why it brought down sega? I think it was better than the stupid nintendo of its era (i am not a nintendo fan) 7safa :(

    I recall the day i took a walk to all 3alamiya stores, asking them for an old MSX concole (i want the real one)… all of them looking at me like i was crazy or somehting. Oh well the emulator is much more space and money and dust saving i guess…

    Oooooh 3DO!!! it was the 3DO with the worm in space suit!!!


    lool thanx 😀


    You r lucky then. I hate mario with his mustache. But sega doesnt exits while nintendo masha2 allah is dominating the planet. You can play mario all the time. Actually ako a game with all the old marios to be played on wii… did u try mario paper o mario galaxy?!

  9. Daddy's Girl says:

    I recall for rambo, when you got on the plane after saving his instruction, we will always be shot down!

    So daddy goes and buys us a joy stick… thinking we need it to manuever the plane or something… it didnt work.

    When i found out about the emulators, o played it, i got to the same place again, and was shot down!!!! I WAS ANGRY! until i discovered that, ooh im being shot down because ako a little madfa3 that is working.. i bombed it before i rode the plane… and voila!!!!!!!!! i always thought ako 2nd stage of the game. turns out that was it!!!! i finished it. It gave me closure sra7a…

    I also finished both The Castle 1 and the Castle 2!!!! it is sooo much fun and still intruiging till this day! i wish they still make them the way they did :(

    y7lailha ommik lool! but i do not recall it was that scary?! I recall the monsters in nightmare were a bit scary 😀

    I think i should include the links… maybe in the next post after Fu6oor!

    Anonymous Coward

    For some reason i cannot swallow PSP? i don’t know why but i never liked it.
    Infact. I hate all 3D games. Cannot really play them well. Except for shenmu. I loved the latest zelda for DS, finished it in a few days, but i cannot get past the fishing part in the begining of the game of the new Zelda in Wii :(
    I am becoming old i guess :(


    You want to play it on ur pc? like now?!

  10. Daddy's Girl says:


    For some reason your comment was caught as Spam… don’t know why…

    20 years old?!

    We are old :~(

  11. Lama says:

    u brought good memories with this post dear :), I used to be a dictator when it comes to playing time. my Brothers always hated me for this.

    although I’m still addicted, my family thinks I’m OLD for such things. well I don’t think I’m going to stop plying any time soon 😛

    I used to have all my consoles until recently, I saved them in box, gently packed with protection wrapping from dust. then an order came to clean up the misused space.!!!!!! so a friend of my brother inherit the wealth.

    Do you think its rude if I asked him to return it? !!!!!

    I loved the theme park game on the 3DO,

    now I’m enjoying the wii very much, but I don’t get play as I want. :(

    ok the wii is coming out now.

  12. Lama says:

    PSP ,,,,,,, I love the PSP

    how could I forget !!!