To Buy or Not to Buy: Vintage Clothing?

By | July 12, 2010

There is a lovely store in Carnaby St., London, where a collection of amazing vintage fashion items are sold… You cannot deny the beauty of those items, nor the lovely shapes/colors/fabrics/designs, and the attention to detail is simply AMAZING… nothing like the mass produced clothing items we find every where now adays…

Same thing in the Basement Floor of Top Shop, and several other locations. Vintage is always a treat to the eye and an upgrade in the fashion sense… but i could never get my self to buy something worn by someone else, even if it was more than a decade ago. I tried, i really did, i said it looked unworn, i would take it to Laundry… but i could never do it! If it is not new vintage, which is hard to find, i can’t buy it!

Could you buy vintage items and wear them? If so, how come?!

19 Responses to “To Buy or Not to Buy: Vintage Clothing?”

  1. zuz says:

    You just mentioned two of my favorite vintage stores in london! I vote for buy!

  2. ansam518 says:

    The only previously owned clothes, bags I wore are either my mom’s or my sisters’! I cant get myself to buy vintage! I just cant…. so there you go

    • danderma says:

      This applies to me too…. I would borrow something from my sisters or mom true… or steal something i like… but that’s about it…
      7awalt 7awalt ashtere vintage ma 3abbart :S

  3. Summer says:

    Not!! If its unworn then its okay!

  4. MiYaFuSHi says:

    I’m exactly the same way. I mean no matter how washed an item is, it will still have remnants of sweat and dead skin cells of other ppl on it, add to that dust and mites from years of storage and the idea just grosses me out. Although i am sooooooo jealous of people who are able to do it !

    • danderma says:

      Ee ee exactly
      b3dain i don’t know if they wore and it gone to the bathroom with it
      or did something else… or went commando?

      i would want to be able to do it i really do… i just can’t lel asaf… i would have an amazing wardrobe otherwise!

  5. FourMe says:

    Have u been to the Vintage shop in Portebello? Its one Naomi Campbell shops at? They’ve got some amazing buys including vintage Chanel and Birkins priced in the thousands!!

    I can never do vintage, etloo3 chabdi :/ but then ana de3la o tloo3 chabdi mn kil shay..

  6. Hope says:

    not if worn by some1 else.. not a chance

  7. noon says:

    akeed to buy , depends on the fabric ofcourse

  8. noon says:

    well , when it comes to vintage jewellery or bags i think its more than fine , i dont see a problem in that

    • danderma says:

      Jewellery -aside from earrings- kinda fine… but bags depends though i still didn’t see a bag i would like buying 2nd hand …

  9. Buy! Buy! Buy! I agree, you have to really wash it just to be safe. But if it’s a classic beautiful piece that makes you happy and that NO ONE else in town will have, why not?! If you think about it, we all kinda wear clothing other people have worn. We all try on clothing at retail shops all the time that many other people have tried on– or exchanged/returned– AND they could have been sweaty or “commando” while they were doing so! 😉

  10. dana says:

    vintage rocks !!
    i kinda have a vantage style ,, vintage always on style but other trends can come and go
    you dont have to wear a vintage dress to mall or work ,, try wearing it to a reception or a family gathering ull feel special and every one would ask u about it
    i always carry my mom chanel bag which she bought in 1988 and i love wearing my grandmother gold and jewelry ,, :)