Review: The Frozen Yogurt Factory, Dubai

buy Gabapentin canada By | August 2, 2010

In one of my recent trips to Dubai, i was walking in Dubai Mall just outside the Reel Cinema when i spotted this little store…

We were tired and in need for a little pick me up, a frozen yogurt place with no lines? We went inside immediately

The cheerful seller explained to us that it is a frozen yogurt place in a Self Service style! You Pick the size, the flavor, serve as much as you like, add whatever toppings you like, then weigh it all and pay! That’s it!

I grabbed my self the small cup at once! There were 3 big machines dispensing different flavors…

Mango, Strawberry, or a Mix of Mango & Strawberry

Blackberry, plain, and a mix of both…

Flavors of the week: Pomegranate, Guava, Pomegranate & Guava

A 4th machine for people who don’t like yogurt, low fat vanilla ice cream, low fat chocolate ice cream, and low fat mix of both!

I chose the Mango & Strawberry mix, Butootee went for the Pomegranate & Guava Mix…

The good thing is you can control how much you put in your cup… i tried to put as little as possible but it turned out like this… i guess we need practice!

For the toppings… there 4 four types of syrup… we both skipped that part…

How many different toppings are there? You do the counting!

Every single chocolate you can find on the shelf is there…

You have an option of having a waffle cup as well…

The fruits topping where in cold stainless steel containers and covered… there were so many usual & unusual fruits as well…

Like for example this fruit… i didn’t try it as i don’t know how it would taste… looks itchy? but it’s a nice addition!

Papaya! I love papaya! but i didn’t try it though…

Butootee added Pomegranate & Mango pieces on his…

and some coconut flakes… interesting… Guava 3la Pomegranate 3la Mango 3la Coconut 3la kiwi… very tropical…

Weighing the frozen yogurt concoction of mine (just added blueberries)…

Both our yogurts cost 34.60 dirhams y3ni taqreban if the dirham is 750 fils q8y fa they will be 2.5 KD… not bad at all!

Taste wise? It was very very VERY good… very similar to Pinkberry if not better… the Guava & Pomegranate were amazing! There were no lines because, well, there is no need for a line! People come and get their orders swiftly and quickly… grab take and go! No waiting, no lady deciding to taste and scrunch her eyebrows to think for one hour if she likes the yogurt or not, no driver with an order of 60 frozen yogurts for the Zwara holding up the line, no hassled servers bumping into each other on their way to complete customers orders…

The two workers were happy, relaxed, and very helpful… they posed for me when they knew i was going to post this on my blog… i hope one day they will come across this blog and see their picture… if they do, thank you very much for all your help :)

If you are in Dubai, you must try it… and if you have the means to, please bring it to Q8… it would be so much easier and fun for every one!

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18 Responses to “Review: The Frozen Yogurt Factory, Dubai”

  1. swera says:

    3ala halr6ooooba lazm kil yoom frozen yogurt ^_^

    eshawweg sho’3olhom !!! madre lesh ma3ndena hasowalif ?!!!!

    bel3afiaa 😀

  2. giggles says:

    thank you for the review, i would definitely try it when i go to dubai next time though i am sure i would go straight to the low fat vanilla and low fat chocolate machine 😉

  3. Chirp says:

    7imdillaaaa 3asalamaaa (9aa7)?

    Hope you had fun .. Shakla 3ajeeeeeeb!!!!

    • danderma says:

      Allah ysalmich :* shakhbarkom?

      Had fun but it was too hot to enjoy eb9ara7a… o el yogurt was latheeth <3

  4. q8travelbud says:

    I’ve passed it many times but for some reason never thought of going in!

    • danderma says:

      Why? Even if you do not like Frozen yogurt ako low fat vanilla o low fat chocolate 3adi… you should try it the next time you are there…

  5. m says:

    FYF is the worst frozen yogurt in dubai + overpriced

    try slick yogo next time wen ur in dmall

    • danderma says:

      I have tasted worse and in comparision to pinkberry it’s not that expensive… i will try slick next time Insha2 Allah

  6. noora says:

    I liked how the place works, the self-service part, but their yogurt was too heavy! dasm bil 3araby ;/

    welcome back btw 😀 glad u posting again dear

    • danderma says:

      Thank you :*

      Dasem? Hmm… to me it didn’t feel that different fat content wise… do you think it differers from one flavor to another?

      • noora says:

        I tried the pomegranate and the mango, both were dasmen for my taste wallah!!
        il mohim 3ad 3leech bil
        3afya chanah yazlich om toutee ;p

  7. Amanda says:

    I’ve never noticed this place but I’ll definitely try to find it next time I’m at that mall.

  8. Q80BOY says:

    aaaah 3ad ams raad min Dubai :(

    i tried Frog’s frozen yoghurt in London .. we3! :S i should have tried Snog

  9. Karim says:

    Hi Danderma,

    Can you tell me where in Q8 is that Road side Frozen Yogurt store located where many people are waiting in line to buy Frozen Yogurt.
    Am cray about Frozen Yogurt
    I wanna try this joint.

    • danderma says:

      I’m not sure about road side but when Pinkberry first opened people used to line up to get their fix of fro-yo… with so many different branches and different brands that had opened up since I don’t think anyone is lining up but there are plenty of options to choose from.