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Los Andes Thank you god thank you… FINALLY ITS REALLY RAINING FOR REAL…

I know every one knows it’s raining… but this is for those of us who are cooped up someplace without windows, except internet… you see i would have appreciated if on safat i read from any blogger that it was raining… i would have ran outside and stood in the rain… 😀

So today, I got off work, the small dark cubicle that is my confined workplace… and I SEE RAIN!!!


Water mixed in with the sand… the smell of watered down sand every WHERE…

The happiest days of my lives is when i wake up to a dark cloudy morning… reminding me what like my childhood was like 😀 i already told you about Alice in Wonderland with daddy’s tea time right? 

I CANNOT WAIT FOR FU6OOOR TIMEEEEE … i want to have a cup of steaming hot chocolate made with Hotel Chocolates fines chocolate flakes… and some marshmallows…

*By the way, i ask Bu Tootee if we can go get some marshmallows fromt he coop… he says ooh we have two kinds. Turns out he STILL has the marshmallows we bought when we got married almost five years ago… its stoneshmallows now…!!!! Where has he been hiding it? It’s beyond me… those pebbles are going directly to the bin… UGH*

6 Responses to “Raining? it's raining! IT'S RAINING ITS RAINING ITSRAINING….”

  1. shoosha says:

    i demand a beauty and the beat update ;p

  2. 3anooda says:

    is it raining bilkuwait?? ya3ni oman soon?? inshallah allah yisma3 minich

  3. ig3ad says:

    yes the weather is amazing.. a little cold though.. bs today its sunny

  4. aTooNa says:

    i commented before bs madre wain ra7 :/

    i should start being that positive every time it rains :)
    r u sure u don’t want to keep the marshmallows, i have a feeling they may end-up in a museum 100 yrs from now 😛

  5. aws says:

    u were missing london, and londom came to u !

  6. Daddy's Girl says:

    hmmm i replied to every one here but madry wain ra7 my comment???

    Yeah sorry for the late reply!

    I believe your demand was met right?

    We did talk about rain in Oman o Q8y im 100% sure of it…?!

    By the time i replied to you it is raining AGAIN! It has been raining since sunday. Im not liking the combination of fasting + 8 C temprature outside and the AC still on at work :(

    Laaaaaa ista’3af allah there is not hope for them Ughhhh … they wont make it as antiques either… unless im sending them on a capsule to the moon for aliens to find, there is absolutely no use for them whatsoever!!!!

    EEe sheftay shloon? I love the rain because it reminds me of london 😀