Another Breakfast @ The Lime Tree Cafe, Dubai

Daxi By | August 4, 2010


The last time i was at the Lime Tree Cafe, i snapped some casual pictures and posted about them Eons later (click here)… this time i went with my camera, determined to take proper pictures and write another post…

It was 8:30-9:00 AM but the place was packed with Europeans yet it was quiet and peaceful. No screaming babies or pretentious humans dressed to the nines staring at you… people were as relaxed as they logically should be at the crack of dawn… given that i was on a Gluten Free diet right now, i was thinking to my self that it would be sad to have an English breakfast without toasts :(

That’s my full English Breakfast… WITH two slices of toast! Why? Because they care! Because they offer gluten free toast for their customers… because they have a wide range of gluten free desserts and options… A gluten intolerant person can happily have breakfast like a normal person there… something we deeply lack in Q8 lel asaf. The breakfast was GOOD… the eggs were yum… The hash browns were cake like and very yummy…

Butootee got the Pinapple & Coconut Pancakes… how good were they?

Very very good! That was the picture of the last bite left… i managed to snap it before it disappeared! He loved it… especially with that squeeze of lime that gave the whole concoction a sweet edge with a sour touch!

That lemon was the only leftover on both our plates…

Would someone PLEASE bring the Lime Tree Cafe to Q8?

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8 Responses to “Another Breakfast @ The Lime Tree Cafe, Dubai”

  1. Dont.dwell says:

    I was yo3ana,

    after reading your post


    Y-O-3-A-N-A !! :(

  2. giggles says:

    waiy 3ad tawni raiy7a dubai o kela ansa aro7la hopefully next time i get a chance to try it, 3alaykom bil 3afia the food looks good :)

  3. noon says:

    i love blogs that features food pictures *sigh* makes me happy

  4. q8travelbud says:

    I miss this place … I like their brownies