Recipe: Fast & Low Fat M7albiya

Hujra By | August 15, 2010


I love m7lbiya… but i usually steer away from it so i do not gain weight during Ramadan. Yet it’s the ultimate dessert after futoor… there is just something about it that is irresistible and irreplaceable.

My late Mother In Law Allah yer7amha gave me a small booklet of Ramadan Recipes when i got married. There is a recipe for M7lbiya inside that looked easy so i tried a few year back and it worked like a charm!

All is needed is Milk, Corn Starch (Nesha), Ground Cardamom, Rose Water, Sugar, Pistachios (flakes or powder), and a few Saffron Strands. I find the Saffron in M7lbiya a bit weird but my husband likes it this way like his mother used to do it so they go in.

This brand of rose water is the BEST rose water ever! You cannot find it in the Co-Ops… i usually stock on it from the Mishref Food Exhibition.

I heat up a dash of rose water in the microwave and throw a few strands of Saffron in it to soak. I always over do it with Saffron and use triple the amount… but it’s tasteless fa 3adi…

In a stainless steel pot i add 2.5 Cups of low fat Vital milk (625 ml)… and then put it on the stove on a medium heat… I use Vital milk because it’s really creamy and yummy although it’s low fat. It tastes good! Therefore my M7lbiya will be low in fat without compromising the taste!

The recipe says add 5 tablespoons of sugar. I add only 3… it will be sugary enough malah da3i el extra two spoons. Add it to the warm milk and stir thoroughly so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan…

In a separate bowl add 3 level tablespoons of Corn Starch… the corn starch needs to be dissolved into liquid before adding to the milk.

Add 1/2 a cup (125 ml) of cold milk to the corn starch…

Whisk thoroughly until all the corn starch is dissolved. Now you have starchy milk.

Return to the pot of milk and sugar and keep a good eye on it, whisking it as well so the sugar will not stick tot he bottom of the pan. The moment the milk starts to froth and bubble, lower the heat immediately…

Add the starchy milk to the mix and stir thoroughly… you will notice the mix has thickened…

Now the milk has thickened… the saffron is added with one teaspoon of ground cardamom. Mix thoroughly and keep on a very low heat for 5 minutes, mixing every now and then…

And that’s it! Pour into serving bowls. I pour them into tiny bowls so the portion will be really small.

Decorate with pistachios and refregirate immediately. The M7albiya will set in a few hours and will be ready to serve. Low Fat, Easy to make, and done in under 15 minutes!

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19 Responses to “Recipe: Fast & Low Fat M7albiya”

  1. Q80BOY says:

    Oh have mercy :p lol I love ma7albiya lazim ba3d il fu6oor WITH saffron 😀

    • danderma says:

      Have mercy? yallah 3ad i posted about food after futoor!

      Hmmm you have it with Saffron too? ana mani meqtan3a bel Saffron bs shasawee the recipe states it :p

  2. Summer says:

    Every time you have a post about food my mouth waters! Even now when I’m so full, I’m thinking about how it would taste like ;p

    • danderma says:

      It tastes really light and yummy 😀
      You know you can have yours in 15 minutes 😉

  3. Om Lujain says:

    yummy.. thanks for this wonderful recipe.. and Allah yr7am ur mother-in-law.

  4. the boudoir. says:

    i love this recipe and i dont mind the touch of saffron a little different than what were used to wont hurt..and being low fat and with reduced sugar is perfect..thanks!

    • danderma says:

      You are most welcome hon :)
      Ana 3yal mo 3ajbne touch of saffron… a7esah madry mo layeg…
      Aham shay it’s low fat lower in sugar yet still tastes amazing!

  5. Mariam says:

    looks yummy… *drools*

  6. Louf's says:

    THIS LOOKS SUPER DUPER! Ya36echh alf 3afya you just save a kuwaiti soul of a student studying abroad o 9arlaha three years menga63a men all the erthan goodies! I tried making it o waiting for the final results.. num num num, can’t wait xD!

    • danderma says:

      Allah y3afeech hon 😀 Let Me know how it turns out for you!!!

      • Louf's says:

        Shighel MATHBOUUUUUUU6! 😀 Ehehehe it was successful i added to it rose flower syrup b3d it gives an extra edge to it! Matga9ren ;** very successful! Thanks alot x

  7. noon says:

    yumm , bil3afiaaa , i7na n7e6 ma3ah rice and we call it riz b7aleeb , latheeeeeeth

  8. Ramadan is all about the m7albiya
    …n kanafa ofcourse 😀