El Qerqe3an Mita?

cenforce reviews By | August 23, 2010


Centerville Ams cham kan min il shahar? 12 Ramadan  mo? Laish 3yal el yahal already ga3deen yegarge3oon o dagaw 3lena jaras il bab o ‘3anaw 3lena wee9 wee9 fee betkom ja3ame9?

highly I am sorry but mo china Qerqe3an starts 13-15 Ramadan? S7 wella ana ‘3al6ana?

http://x-tige.com/jadore/voga-italia-sponsor/ Laish 3yal il showare3 matrosa yahal iygarg3oon? In Jabriya o Surra o Qurtoba for sure?

Is there someone responsible for it y3ni? Wella el nass mesta3yela? Wella il yahal ma yadroon? Why do you let your kids yegarge3oon when it’s not gerge3an yet? Laish il 3ajala ana mani fahma?

Wella ako a national change in Qerqe3an timing? Please update us 3shan we prepare our selves o our kids for next year dam il wath3 chithee…

Ma yokom yahal yegarge3on ams? or et3arfoon 3yal imgarge3een ams?

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13 Responses to “El Qerqe3an Mita?”

  1. noon says:

    lol its gonna be this way for a whole week 😛

    • danderma says:

      3ad hathe 7ala? Shesaket.hom il 7een?

      • noon says:

        they will extend it every year , b3ad a couple of years ni9 rmi’6an gerge3an o zaday 3alehom a couple of years more b3den rmi’6an kela be9eer gerge3an LOL

        Bas ilsharha mo 3alehom ilsharha 3ala ahalhom ylabsonhom o ygolonlohom ilyom gerge3an :S

  2. chirp says:

    Embalaaaa!! Shift’hum ams bil nuzha, 7itan my friends mom estaghrebat laish fy yahal egargi3ooon this early. Yala khalhum yestansooooon I guess, mako madaris ;p

    • danderma says:

      Mo yez3joonaaa! Kil degega dagen il jaras o wee9 wee9… ana ma 7arni ilaa ams yom ‘3anaw 3lena wee9 wee9 enzain mo qerqe3an yet shino thanbna a7na?!

  3. C'est la vie says:

    Lool …..I think it goes like this ….lelat 13 ,lelat14 and lelat 15 that’s maybe why they started yesterday :p

  4. My boys went to a gergai3an party yesterday… and today we have a gathering at the family home for a gergai3an too and will go around our street but I doubt anything more than that… don’t know what they want to do tomorrow ;p I’ll send them over to your place ;p

  5. Q80BOY says:

    I wanna put up a sign outside .. ring the bell and I’ll smash ur head :p

  6. Sn3a says:

    9ajja 7atta ana ams shft yahal ym frejna
    est’3rbt for 2 reasons
    – man6qtna 99.9% ma7ad egarg3 feha
    – too early!

  7. Summer says:

    Looooool!! the day starts from the night!! i know that sounds weird and hard to understand, but the days in the arabic calendar start and end, depending when its ma’3irib prayer… so technically now its the 14th even though today is the 13th.. so girga3aan is on
    12th at night- which is the 13th arabic calendar
    13th at night- which is the 14th arabic calendar
    14th at night- which is the 15th arabic calendar

  8. тσσηα says:

    lool wallah il yahal shakilhom mista3yeel w il ahali byiftakon mnhom fa dazohom wiya 5adamhom !

    Btw mta ti6la3 natayij il competition 😉 ?

  9. noora says:

    thekartich today danderma, il yahal rang the bell at 7.00 !! ma amdanna fe6arna
    my bro in-law 6ala3lohum ib sa7an il sambosa ;p

  10. looooooool kil sina 7esbai 7sab gergai3an few days b4 few days after:)