Bad *Doggy* Morning!!!

By | October 19, 2010


Ever woke up and felt you had gotten up at the wrong side of bed?

I went to bed at 11 P.M. and woke up very late for work. Work starts at 7 i woke up 7:50 -yeah i know-… i had the worst nightmare and apparently i didn’t wake up because i was enjoying being scared from that nightmare :S

I scramble to change and go to work… i am already late… i finally battle the morning traffic and reach the work gates by 8:30… and what to i see?

A dog, i don’t know what kind, like the one in the picture above… same color b3d… trotting past the gate in front of me… past the security guard who tried to run after him… the dog was faster… the gurad let him be and off ge goes to the parking!!!!

So now i park. I sit in the car. Too afraid to get out. I hate all types of animals, esp. dogs. All animals scare me to the core. He might as well be a very hungry stray dog. He could eat me! or Maul me or run after me tearing my clothes. A stray dog at the crack of dawn roaming the parking lot you have just parked in is NOT something i would care for… thank you very much.

and it isn’t like someone was there to help me out. Feeling scared and jittery… i grabbed my bag, got out of the car and all but ran all the way to the entrance of the building, heart thumbing!

I didn’t encounter him thankfully… but what if i DO encounter him on my way out? That thought alone is making me anxious right now!!! Why are there stray dogs on the streets? Who would raise a dog, have them produce off springs and throw them in the streets? Dogs are NOT like cats. Dogs ARE dangerous especially when hungry! What am i supposed to do? Camp in my office all day?!

So who had a better dog free nightmare free morning? I hope you all did!

10 Responses to “Bad *Doggy* Morning!!!”

  1. awwwwwww that dog is cuteeee !!!! theres no way a dog like that would be stray, probably got lost of something, but believe me it wouldnt bite you or eat you 😛 just let someone walk you to your car when ur out, you will be fine dont worry 😀

    • danderma says:

      What if he got rabies o bit me?! or too hungry o smelled my bones o wanted to feed on them? or just wanted to play and scared me? I get scared from a butterfly!

  2. Mark says:

    You think dogs are dangerous when they’re hungry? You do know dogs are not lions right? It’s not like a dog is going to eat you if they are hungry.

    • danderma says:

      OK so he might not eat me like a lion he is too small anyway but he is still scary! He can bite me! If he has been left to starve on the streets without shots or anything he could have rabies and bite people right?

  3. Kinz says:

    If I saw such a pooch running about loose I probably would stuff him into a pocket or my handbag. How cuuuuuuuuute! Ok seriously, if you are worried about rabies there are tell-tale signs. First they behave erratically, not at all like normal dogs, second they would be extremely light-sensitive and third they would produce a lot of foam from the mouth. Well according to that movie Cujo. I got bit by a squirrel once when it thought my finger was a peanut and they gave me a tetanus shot. So glad they didn’t think I needed rabies treatment.

    • danderma says:

      U were bitten by a squirrel and ur still not afraid of animals?

      Hon, you wouldn’t see me sticking around to check out the dogs symptoms… you would see mee fleeing the scene at once… even if he just wanted to play… every animal on earth scares me! You should see the stupid squirrel running after me while i was shooting a video in a park in the UK and what did i do… come to think of it maybe i should unearth that video for youtube or something :p

  4. N says:

    hahahahah that’s too cute! 😀 (both the picture and your post!)
    Dogs don’t bite because they’re hungry, they bite because they’re angry, and you won’t do anything to upset him!
    I am not a fan of dogs myself (am a cat person), and so I assure you, he will not even attempt to eat you.. even if he “smelled your bones” 😀

    • danderma says:

      how do you know he won’t be angry with me?
      Maybe he doesnt like me or something… maybe my walk or smell or existance will irritate him o make him angry… and if he is hungry he most likely will get a shorter fuse ?

  5. Q80BOY says:

    all the trips to London and youre still scared of dogs? Ana i was like you a couple of years ago .. but a visit to hyde park on a sunday was enough for me to change .. they dont do a thing! you walk past them and they wont even woof 😛

    there was one incident though 😛 we were playing footy and one of the dogs wanted to join .. e7m .. yeah i7na ma 5ifna .. we went for a short jog .. BACK TO THE HOTEL! 😛 hehe

    • danderma says:

      One thing i love about london is that the dogs mind their own business… you should see the dogs in Switzerland… they are EVERYWHERE! you might end up seated next to one in a train or a restaurant… once one was blocking the entrance of a shop we were inside… hawayel…

      I like how you played with the dog… thank god he didn’t want to join in and follow you :p