A trip to birmingham :D

By | December 5, 2008

Why did worspress change their dashboard interface? Im kinda lost ishwaya…

Yesterday we made a little trip to birmingham. For some reason shopping in their selfridges is more fun than shopping in the Original London Selfrigde even though it hass less collection, but the stuff does stay neat and tidy and not many people attacking it. Wayed 7ejabat bs mo min ikhwana il khalejyeen  ilee gamaw yeheloon hal ayam 3lena.

Ee o il food in selfridges is much more fun, e.g. the indian restuarant over looks the whole food hall o you sit on long white modern chairs on white and baby blue modern tables, surrounded by lights and overlooking a ridiciolous 1000 pounds bottle of evian water encrusted with swaroviski crystals!!!!!!

Ma taboon wa7da?

On the way to the train station 3shan al7ag 3leehom i was walking a little bit too fast and then BAAAM… i fell face first onto the floor… i scraped my knee too but il fashla is the most painful factor, i was sprawled there on the freezing floor o passers by gawking o laughing…

Why do people always ALWAYS laugh 3la il nass ilee ye6e7oon?

Anyways, if u can visit birmingham now please do, the christmas decoration is way better and more festive that the ones in London, plus, they have the Frankfurt Market, Small small wodden booths all day long (better at night) selling german stuff and FOOD… well kil sausagayaya a6wal min my arm o people munching away.. if u have no problem eating meat here u will be very happy… there is cheese, o chestnuts, o frankfurt potatoes, o cheese, o cakes o cookies o mini pancakes  o hot chocolate o u keep eating o eating from one booth to another in this cold weather and the lights hmmmmmmm

needless to say we need not eat dinner yesterday!!!

I took a lot of pictures, i will post them, i wanted to now but i forgot to put them on a flash before i came to the internet cafe…

By the way, what day in hijri month is it?!

When is the eid? I really have no more sense of time!

12 Responses to “A trip to birmingham :D”

  1. Cr8ivia says:

    i miss london
    eid on monday inshallah

  2. Anonymous says:

    elyom 7 thul7eja

    el 3eed on Monday enshallah :)

    mabe the ridiciolous bottle of evian even tho its encrusted with swaroviski crystals 😛 .. abi the new LG PRADA with a keyboard mo rathe yanzel 3ende :\

  3. Z says:

    I miss the German Christmas markets, been to the ones in Manchester and Leeds. Ever tried the yummy chocolate-covered fruit skewers? 3ajeeb, 4 pounds a pop but oh so worth it.

    Garlic bread malhom was super too especially bel bard el khasees mal UK this time a year.

    Enjoy, and Eid mubarak :-)

  4. *F says:

    heeyy..eid is on monday! Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  5. atoona says:

    glad u had fun in Birmingham :)
    we have a german market too.. i pass by it everyday on my way to uni.. did u try their nutella crepes? very yummy!
    today is 7 Thul-7ija, and 3eed is on monday, but sometimes different cities in uk have different 3eeds, i dont get why?! so double-check the london one 2 make sure :)

  6. yara4ever says:

    Monday is 3eed… Tomorrow wagfat 3arafa

  7. yara4ever says:

    Shawagteeni enshalla next time aroo7 birmingham

  8. eshda3wa says:

    el3eed monday inshallah

    ana abe evian bottle ma 3alaich amur

    i never ever laugh at someone when they fall or ayshay embarrassing happens

    i always look away

    lana 7aram!

  9. Purple & Gold (2-0) says:

    Quick question here

    what happened to your beauty and the best posts ?

    i look forward to them its sad that they are`nt around anymore what happened ?


  10. momo says:

    how far is Birmingham from London?

  11. drama_ says:

    intay waiiinich ;(