Is seeing a therapist still a big No-No in Q8?!

By | November 10, 2010

The other day i was talking to a friend and she mentioned that someone she knows has goine to Therapy in Q8 after going through some tough times. I was a bit surprised. I know people in Europe and the USA go to therapy like they go to have their hair highlighted and their nails done since no one would give that a second thought…

But in Q8? The way i remember it inah it was a big social faux-pas to go to therapy… or even admit that you need therapy. and if they have to they would rather go abroad if they have the resources or go alone and in disguise without telling anyone about it becuase the moment people hear that flan is depressed or flana has anxiety and is seeing someone it would be like ‘ee mo 9a7ya’ or ‘ooh crazy!’… which is not right and not fair of course but then what is really right and fair in our society anyways…

Did the times change or is it still the same? I know inah mafeha shay and i have always known inah ma feha shay… some people think that weeh read qur2an o everything bad should go away on it’s own… other people would rather die than admitting they need help… if it ain’t physical it’s not there… although people the way i see it are in dire need of therapy especially after the invasion and 90% of q8y’s are complaining all the time… is it still the same or is it OK  now walk into a therapists waiting room to go to a session for whatever is going on in your life, sit there, head held up high and looking people in the eyes and no one would give you a second glance… have a session whith a q8y therapist were ur certain won’t spill your confedential info to friends and family whenever they feel like it… and then discuss what your therapist adviced you with your friends and family casually over a steaming hot cup of coffee in the Avenues? Wella people are still living in denial and hiding the fact that they see someone? Honestly what would you think if you heard someone is going to see a therapist?

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  1. ShoSho says:

    Ineteresting.. I think therapy is good and there’s nothing wrong with it.. And I think we all need it at some point in our life. Madri leesh it’s a taboo in Kuwait o 3aib o indication of being crazy.
    Many people need therapy a d we don’t pay attention to them mathalan those who go through a miscarriage. Ppl just say het pregnant again and Khals you’ll get over it! It’s not that easy! Also losing a beloved or divorce or whatever everyday things we go though..
    People worry Lamma someone becomes physically sick Bas alot of it is due to mental stress or depression that no one payed attention to in te beginning! Ya3ni they worry when someone say gets a heart attack but not when he was going through a rough time before it..

    • danderma says:

      Exactly many people bottle up their feelings thinking it’s 3aib or nothing to do about it or just etwakelaw 3la Allah o read qur2an o thats it… 3ad ta3alay fachechay bel mo9ayeb…

      i never knew that women need therapy after miscarriage? Do they feel that bad? I know they feel depressed after giving birth though…

  2. P says:

    I think it’s becoming more and more acceptable– the same way divorce is no longer seen as “tabu” as it used to be… and the same way more and more women are becoming more independent and marrying at a later age without being frowned upon. Times are changing, and so are people’s way of thinking.

    BTW, I see therapist ads on Facebook all the time… They must not be doing so bad after all!

    • danderma says:

      Times are changing true… i see the ads all the time and there seem to be posh places and i wonder if people actually go!

  3. 7ameedo says:

    there is nothing wrong with seeking help. unfortunately, we are a tad backward as a society because we tend to outcast what ever is different to our own thoughts and traditions- i.e male nurses, kuwaiti working as a taxi driver etc.

    there is nothing wrong with any of that.

    personally, I would rather keep my feelings to my self rather than share them- i think that sharing feelings such as depression/nostalgia/pain etc. is a weakness.. am i wrong..perhaps.. but thats just for ME.

    i do encourage people to seek help, but for me.. i would never see one, mo la2ana 3ayb..just because it is not me.

    • danderma says:

      s7… nothing is wrong with a Q8y male nurse or a taxi driver… o i think it’s important to seek professional help rather than bottling up feelings or letting it out in wrong ways… maybe we would then treat each other better if we do…

      Ham like you said ako people who do not believe in therapy … at least it’s their choice s7? a7san min inah wedah o ybi o me7taj bs walla ma yegdar yekhaf min il awadm…

  4. noora says:

    3adi, o wauid 3adi b3d.
    Psychological disorders have genetic predisposition! some ppl are more prone to it, methel il sokkar wil thaq6. People should really change the “mo sa7ya” mis-perception! 7ram ya3ni foq ily uhma feh ham enzedhum ;(

    • danderma says:

      not all phychological diorders have genetic predispositions… sometimes it is something wrong in the person alone or maybe going through a really bad time… for example the invasion was really tough and many people needed therapy afterwards but i am not sure if they got any. I remember a friend of mine saw a man being killed infront of her… years later and she would still have nightmares about him… i am not sure if she went for therapy or even admitted she needed one all together…

      Bs exactly ham 7ram… people who are sick cannot help being sick o sometimes the cause is physical but they need to be examined first… why sentence them instead of treating them?!

  5. Kinz says:

    The problem is more finding qualified help than whether or not it’s ayb. Problem is some people who really would benefit are the most reluctant to go, especially the paranoid schizophrenics. To say that mental health issues are foreign to a community is like saying that no one has diabetes, or cancer or alcoholism. You find these issues everywhere the difference is with mental issues, for many there is a cure if they would only take the step. No man is an island, depression, anxiety, rage and self-destructive tendencies affect the whole family and community. If more people would be honest about getting help and recommending qualified individuals then more people would get help. We are all intensely private individuals, so between quietly getting help and not telling anyone or getting no help at all, it’s better to get help.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly… there is always a cure… even abusive partners with domestic abuse or with a problem with jealousy or suspicion can benefit from Therapy and imrove their lives and the lives of those around them…

      But then i do understand some people’s points of views. You see someone who might go to a professional as in they spill their problems and its “supposed” to be confidential… but in a society that thrives on gossip and privacy and confidentiality is too wide a notion to bother with… many would be reluctant to go… the other a friend of mine sat with a professional in another field who simply spilled things about a certain someone who is a client of theirs that are supposed to be confedential and not be told for public while sitting over coffee… how professional!

  6. Dana says:

    I love to talk.. if I have to pay someone to sit and listen to everything I have to say.. then why not?:) Just think of it as your own audience.

    But for sure it is becoming very popular.. new clinics popping up and more and more kids are going in to psychology programs and becoming PHD’s.

    The problem before was that Kuwait was so small, and not much ethics were around.. so If a person went to therapy people used to talk.. but now I believe that it should be mandatory for specific places to have Dr on board full time to help assist and analyze kids, cops, army ect..

    • danderma says:

      I am nore of a listener than a talker… i hate talking much! But zain wallah people are coming up with therapy centers which means people are actually going into therapy! Times are changing!

  7. Chirp says:

    I don’t see any thing wrong with it. You need to talk about your problems, your issues, your fears and your strengths. Believe me friends and family are not enough, especially if you just want someone to listen to you without giving advice. And to be honest, there are things that I do not want to discuss with friends or family.

    The only issue is ethics, if someone goes into that field they have to maintain the anonymity of their patients, ensure that they don’t talk bil ghala6.

    • danderma says:

      Ma a3teqed a7ad bel q8 is capabale of maintaining the anonymity of their patients even if they wanted to… i have seen it happen in other professions… bs you are right sometimes talking to strangers about things gives you relief o a new perspective on life. How are you going to bitch about bad things your friends did to you?! o not every one lah kholg ham o ‘3am…

      • Chirp says:

        My friends mother is a therapist, and I know some people that went to her. Shes Kuwaitiya, and I think if you decide to go into that profession you already know the importance of maintaining anonymity.
        Talking to someone helped me get thru my parents divorce back in 2004.

        • danderma says:

          You did? I am glad she helped out… did you feel completely at ease and knew for a fact that the details or your ordeal weren’t going to be tommorows gossip?

          • Chirp says:

            My friend went to the one in q8.
            E7na bil jam3a bamreeka we had grief counselors, you go and talk to them 3adi mu therapists.

          • danderma says:

            that reminded me of el akhe9a2ya il ijtema3iya in schools awal… ma minha fayda abdan ella inha calls ur parents o scares you bs… ma 3mri sheft akhe9a2ya actually opened her door to a student o listened min kil galbha o tried to solve her problem like counsellors do barra…

  8. the boudoir. says:

    i used to think like u, but this year i found out everyone is doing it! they just dont talk about it, they told me bcoz i was goin thru a rough time and they were recommending it…and there are some doctors tht r capable of having patient confidentialty..I wont do it though..nothing against it

    • danderma says:

      Sej? see… everyone is doing it but they don’t talk about it… why?! is it still not ok to show that you have problems you cannot deal with or else risk being labeled “crazy”!!!

  9. a says:

    The psychology major at KU is large and its getting even more popular. Enough said ;p

  10. Like u said, Kuwaitis need therapy especially after the iraqi invasion…I think the society changed completely after the liberation. We have become irresponsible, living for this moment only, unable to plan for a future ahead of us…6ab3an moo klna bs t7seen the majority is heading in that direction.
    I also think therapy is beneficial for married couples, many of them end up divorced for the silliest reasons! (ex: he won’t buy me designer bags, i hate his mom, she is always traveling etc) i think we should stop thinking therapy is for crazy people only, sometimes we do things or think a certain way unaware that a certain event in our life affected our actions, would help understand each other better also (for couples therapy).

    • danderma says:

      totally agree… and just because your family or friends are willing to listen to you doesn’t mean they would give you the best advice!

  11. тσσηα says:

    that’s a Quit interesting topic , I guess the way i see ppl around me act is that the idea of seeing a therapist is better than its used to be or at least it is around here , also I have known many ppl is doing that and the fact that i know abt it telling me that this idea is actually getting acceptable ! For me I would surly go see one, in fact am considering that now, especially at the time that my father passed away and all i had to go through i thought yy not, aren’t their job is to help ppl like me ? or in even worse shape ? Should I be ashamed that I may ask for help ? professional help in order to get the help earlier ? I mean if it was something physical they always say ” a7san inh they diagnose the illness abchar 3shan ma tt7awal il 7ala 7g shy bigger w more complicated to deal with “

    • danderma says:

      I am so sorry about your father hon :*
      Most of us have problems in our lives that shake us up to the core. Dealing with marriage troubles, divorce, death, stress of life, work, etc. and seeing someone to talk to and help guide you through that difficult time is not something outrageous!

      People who made this a shameful thing are the ones who are ashamed of doing it themselves… WHY! Why is it such? and until when? I really hope the day will come when it’s the most natural thing to announce and discuss going and needing therapy like needing a facial… it’s about time!

  12. a la Mocha says:

    There’s this misconception that ppl who go to see a shrink must have some kind of disorder (r mentally ill). But that’s not always the case. Life is full of stress factors. There are so many pressures in life that can cause a person to feel suffocated n not know how to deal certain emotions. And other times ppl are put in situations in life where there is so many negativity surrounding them, whether its from close relatives, spouses, friends, colleges, etc. Mafeeha shay itha a person seeks professional help for such matters. I personally hav gone to see a shrink (yes here in q8) and I am very happy for making that decision. He opened my eyes to some things I cudn’t see and gave me unbiased advice on how to deal with some issues. I highly recommend it.

    • danderma says:

      Exactly my point. and if you have problems and issues your close ones might not be able to give you the best advice you deserve… i wish more people make the decision to get professional help instead of hiding behind old ideas and beliefs!