Restaurant Review: Scrumptious Dinner @ Saso Ocean Groove!

By | November 11, 2010

Last night’s dinner was an excitingly remarkable one in Saso Ocean Groove. I recieved a very generous invitation from the owner Mr. Anwar Maarafi to try their Ocean Groove and since it’s the perfect time of the year to sit outside in a trendy new restaurant surrounded by the sea… we thought “why not?”… this is going to be a long review with lots of pictures…

We arrived at around 8 P.M. and the area was already packed with cars! Everyone was in the mood to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather… we were welcomed by the Saso staff and our table was already set and ready for us outside…

The weather was simply AMAZING… a soft cold breeze blowing every now and then… the soft lights playing on the tables… the area was not too dim nor fully lit up either… it was just the perfect light shade for a chilly breezy Autumn night… the view of the sea and the night lights playing on the surface of the water was also lovely and added to the mix… we were immediately relaxed and in the mood to stay for a very long time and have a good dinner…

The menu had a variety of dishes to choose from… everything you would expect the modern q8y cuisine scene would require “maki’s sliders salads pastas drinks and appetizers”… so if you are a variety of diners each craving something different you won’t be at loss for there is something to satisfy every taste… We flipped through the menu and decided on what to eat… the waitress came over to take the order…

Being a group of ladies we each chose an salad or a main dish with diet cokes to go around. Didn’t go well with our waitress who insisted that we try a variety of appetizers, mains, and drinks… we knew that dinner would not go down in history as a diet friendly dinner and that I should have brought my husband, brother, and male cousins instead of the ladies since they could attack the dishes we were brought and polish them off… we gave in and the nice lady brought us one dish after the other…

First came the drinks… the purchase Ivermectin Mojito we were brought was AMAZING! I hate the combination of mint and lemon but this drink was so well done… it was just the right mix between sour and sweet… and so refreshing in the nice breeze! To be frank there was only one lemon drink i like in Q8 “noodle factory’s” but now i have another favorite to top my list “Saso’s Mojito!!!”!

Then there was the buy Ivermectin for humans Sherley Temple… it was good and the ladies loved it… i still prefered the Mojito… if you are a fan of drinks that are more on the sugary side this is the one for you…

and now comes the star of all drinks… the Bosco! Don’t be fooled by it’s thick texture and blue color… i was happily content with my mojito when my aunt who ordered it stuck another straw in the glass and asked me to try it… reluctant for i don’t like colored and sugary thick cocktails i took a tentative sip… then i took a longer sip… and she was lucky i gave it back to her! The drink is AMAZING! Not sugary and artificial at all though it looks the part… it was fresh and very yummy and i think it was a mixture of melon and pinapple and someother stuff and very smooth and heartachingly good… it is worth driving into the Free Trade Zone to sit in Saso and drink Bosco while watcing the sunset. Do not miss Bosco. Do not miss Bosco. Do not miss Bosco.

Now came the appetizers, first of which were the Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura. I was told they usually came in a glass cup but today they were brought on a plate. The ladies liked it but said it didn’t taste as spicy as it seemed.

Next came the Fire House Fries… a messy mix of potatoes and minced meat and cheese… nothing new you say? Yes there are versions of it every where but this particular version was not greasy at all! You could eat the whole plate yet still feel light and  your fingers won’t stain… i actually asked the waiteress if they baked their potatoes since i couldn’t see a droplet of oil anywhere and she laughed saying no they were actually fried… highly recommended!

Two salads were brought over as well… the Mushroom Salad with rockets, parmesan cheese, and pine nuts… it was a good salad and something “light” to munch 😀

The second salad was the Crispy Prawn Salad and it was a big hit! The little cripsy potatoes accompanying the prawns and the lettuce were very impressive when tasting different textures in one bite. This one was a winner!

Then came the makis! Of course i am not a fan of Maki’s but the ladies were… and i am quoting their comments… the first one was the Dragon Maki which looked interesting and had little crispy looking thingies on top. My sister who is like me not a fan of Japanese food or maki tried her first Maki – Dragon Maki- that night and wonder of all wonders… actually liked it… ALOT!

Then came the Crazy Maki… how did it taste? Ok my Maki experts told me that it tastes very similar Eissa Maki whomever that is but it was much lighter and better than the Eissa Maki… and they, well excuse the pun, went crazy over the Crazy Makis… they also said it tasted better than the Dragon Maki.

By the time the appetizers were lifted off the table… we were already full thinking we cannot eat another bite! Then the main dishes arrived we regained our appetite again 😀 … first came the Manzo Sloppy Joe Steak… i tried the side vegetables and the mashed potatoes and liked them… and they told me the steak was nice and tender and the mushroom sauce was the highlight of the dish!

and then there was the Four Seasons Pizza… personally i liked it… it was crispy and it the herbs used were very fresh and gave the taste a nice edge. However the ladies noted that it didn’t look that appetizing which is a shame since it did taste better than it looked.

and then came the Pollo Con Creme… the ladies LOVED this dish… they said the chicken was very tender and tasty and the mashed potato was very creamy and the combination was very very light… highly recommended by my chicken eating friend :)

and then comes the sliders… Both my aunt and my sister had a slider each… the Saso Slider and the Moonwalker Slider and they were very very VERY happy with them and there was not one crumb of slider left. and to say the truth they looked very appetizing. They said that those sliders ranked as high as any slider you would in other places…

This is the Moonwalker Slider…

and this is the Saso Slider

and the burger adventure doesn’t end here… there was also the DownTown Burger… which was very very good and i will have the pictures talk about… the fries were amazing by the way and we all grabbed it off the table and not one droplet of oil was anywhere to be seen!!!! YUM!!!

and yours truly took her favorite vegetarian Saso dish Pensisi Pasta and loved every bite of the creamy tomato sauce oozing from perfectly cooked tubes of penny pasta…

and now were were truly full… and the waiteress comes around and insists on treating us for dessert… there comes the Groovy Pudding… a pot of melted chocolate cake thingies topped with melted marshmallows and placed at the middle of the table with several spoons…

We ate… we talked… we laughed… we were full and content and warm in the lovely sea breeze and the quiet setting… people were sitting happily and queitly all around us and we felt too relaxed to get off the tables… i believe we must have been the last table getting out of Saso that night… we having such a good time we felt sorry when we had to leave…

Now if you are going… try a slider or a burger with a Bosco or the the Pollo con Creme with a Mojito and leave room for a Groovy Pudding… go early -7ish- and take your time because once you sit and eat the good food and relax into the lovely surroundings enjoying the weather… you wouldn’t want to go home… i am warning you… you wouldn’t want to go home!  

Thank you for the Saso waitresses and waiters for accomodating us that night and taking good care of us… and Thank you Mr. Anwar for such a lovely evening! Much obliged 😀

14 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Scrumptious Dinner @ Saso Ocean Groove!”

  1. FourMe says:

    Damn that looks good!! Sooo going there.. bl3afya woman :*

  2. Expataussiegal says:

    I went there for lunch last weekend after reading your last review. I had to after all as my home town is Ocean Grove……the name says it all!! It was lovely being able to sit outdoors and enjoy the lovely view of the water in the sunshine. Not many people around either, which was nice. Great place, good food .

    • danderma says:

      Ocean Grove is in Miami right?

      I find the view most mesmerising during sun set… it’s just too beautiful… maybe the best sunset view in Q8 ever! and the fact that there is just enough people around to make it populated but not enough to make it crowded and uncomfortable adds to it’s appeal 😀

  3. Hope says:

    shakla delicious

  4. Summer says:

    I love saso! their food is so good!

    • danderma says:

      I totally agree… food is good o prices good o good place to dine… whats more to ask for?

  5. тσσηα says:

    although am highly full or not thinking of food anytime soon bs this thing looks sooo yummy !! and highly recommended for our next going out inshallah ; ) hanny w 3afya

  6. Dana says:

    Where are they located? I only know the downtown place..

    • danderma says:

      In the free trade zone… if you go after villa moda, between the movenpicks, and towards the sign that says Starbucks to the left you will find it next to a group of restaurants like burger king and black and white and starbucks

  7. ims85 says:

    Isnt tht too much food guys? Mashallah

    • danderma says:

      Yeah i agree it’s too much food. If you have read the review you would have noted that originally we each chose one dish with diet coke since we didn’t want to eat a lot but what can i say Saso were very generous and kept the dishes coming for us to try.