Things to do in London: The O2 Mellenium Dome

By | November 28, 2010

One place i like to go to in London is the O2 Dome or what was peviously known as “The Mellinium Dome”… What is there to do exactly?

Where to begin? The main attraction i suppose is the O2 arena where many events and concerts take place.  But that’s not all! There are many other things to do…

An indoors cobbled street style walkway surrounded by a selection of good restaurants and cafes… take your pick, choose a seat and watch people passing… all under the covered dome. Perfect for the winter time!

Some example of the restaurants below…

OK not hungry? No Problem… how about a movie?

A place to record a video of your self and send it as a post card! Cool!

An indoors Ice Rink!

I am not sure what that is but people where sleeping inside?

This is the Nissan Innovation Station. I haven’t been inside so i am not sure what it is either but looks like fun…

An exhibition area… i once went to the Tut Ankh Amon Exhibition here and currently it’s showing the Titanic Artifacts Exhibition…

There was some sort of Tennis Event where people were buying tickets… I am not a tennis fan at all fa i wouldn’t know what is it about…

Benches like these are found throughout the Dome… as if you are really walking outdoors…

Here is where people buy tickets…

The entrance of the Dome…

is that all? No… one more thing… just outside the entrance to the O2 there is markings on the floor for a very famous line… the Prime Meridian  where the Longitude 0!

and the best thing about the Dome is the Tube Station is just outside it!!! Just 3 minutes walking distance! It’s the North Greenwich Station on the Jubilee line.  The Station is very new and very modern as well unlike the old stations dotted around London.

Another good thing about the Dome is that 1- There is no shopping 2- There are no one you know around!!! A change of scenery from the Hello’s and How Are you’s you encounter walking down Oxford Street or waiting in line to have a Harrods Pizza…

For more information about the O2 Dome you can check out their website

10 Responses to “Things to do in London: The O2 Mellenium Dome”

  1. noon says:

    keelaaa akel kelaaa akel *faints*
    closing my eyes and hoping to find myself there 😀

  2. LadyCay says:

    Two years ago there was an ejyption museum about the mummy’s, wayed 7elo bas 7asafa no camera’s were allowed there :)

  3. Summer says:

    i haven’t been there in such a long time! I thought they demolished it! never knew its called O2 now!
    thanks for the info! definitely going there this summer!

  4. giggles says:

    the place looks interesting, thanks i will suggest it to my family when they go to london next time inshala :)