Movie Review: Unstoppable!

By | November 29, 2010

I have recently seen this movie and i would have to say i liked it very much! Denzel of course is the reason i went to see this movie in the first place sine i like almost all his movies. Yet i wasn’t expecting much. A train that is running on it’s own due to a mistake carrying loads of explosives and threatening lives. The story is not that original and for some reason i was expecting the train version of Speed movie…

Yet although the story line was not that complicated. Although we knew the outcome of the movie and the predictable heroic decisions and actions. I do not know how but the movie turned out to be pretty good… when the lights in the theater came back on there was a big smile on my face and i said “that was a good movie”…

8 Responses to “Movie Review: Unstoppable!”

  1. Kinz says:

    An afternoon with Denzel is an afternoon well spent.

  2. Denzel is the reason i went to see the movie as well, but i didnt like it that much… it was an okay movie overall

  3. yea the first thing I thought of was Speed when I saw the trailer, ma3na I think this is loosely based on true events?

  4. I saw it a few weeks ago .. and .. I don’t know :/ It wasn’t bad but It wasn’t worth going to the theaters .. the main factor which
    was the let down is that the movie didn’t have a villain or something to keep it more interesting :/

    • danderma says:

      Hmmm true it didn’t a human villian… but you can think of the train as the villian in that case. I think its the kind of movie that would look better playing in theatres rather on home screens…