Have you ever been robbed before?

By | November 29, 2010

I was shopping in Selfridges yesterday when i heard scream and i saw a woman running like the wend, getting out of Selfridges door and disappearing in the crowds while another woman was running after her… after a while the 2nd lady who was chasing the first woman came back and started talking to security. Apprently the 2nd lady was shopping when the first woman came close to her… snatched something which i am guessing is her bag, and ran with all her might infront of all these people. Never mind that there are CCTV cameras every where and that she can be identified!

It is very scary indeed. It could have been anyone of us. Sometimes when i am shopping my stuff are all over the place and i do not really pay much attention… Now this incident will make me think twice before i let go of my stuff or open my bag in public!

I have never been robbed before. Once a couple of European guys tried to open my backpack while standing behind me in the escalator in ODEON but they were too close i felt them and moved away before they could snatch anything. Have you ever been robbed before or known someone who was? In Q8 or abroad? How did it happen?

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  1. Chirp says:

    YES YES YES!!!!
    I was ALMOST robbed in Portsmouth when i studied there, I blogged about it.
    My money was stolen from my bag yesterday :(
    And when I was in London my mobile was stolen also :p
    Mara in Paris my friends got robbed bil cienma by 2 3ayayez, now thats a story worth blogging about.

  2. Kinz says:

    Once I was walking outside a supermarket in Jeddah around sunset. My companion was a 70 year old woman and she was walking next to me, closest to the street. A small car filled with black men drove past us and then stopped. One of the young men jumped out of the car ran to us and snatched her purse off her shoulder. I had a partial license plate number and a description of the car. I dashed upstairs to the supermarket to call the police. When they came they grilled us about what we were doing walking in that area? The poor woman lost her passport, wallet, wedding ring and pictures of her sons when they were babies. It was a crummy experience. Another time I went shopping in a shaaby suq with my sister-in-law. She had her first ever salary in her wallet and we were shopping for Eid. We entered a shoe store and a woman in an abaya bumped into her. At the next store, not 3 minutes later she reached for her wallet and found it missing. She never thought a woman would rob her.

  3. 3ateeja says:

    yes once in Ireland kint maska my video cam o ya wa7ed rakeb bike bagha mn eedy o en7ash ashwa kan film fa’9 ma mdani at,hana bel film !:p

  4. giggles says:

    we got robbed ela eshwaya fe paris bas ashwa allah ra7amna, my parents were walking and looking at the display windows near our hotel wela chan eyehom rayal shakla e3rebi o 3araf ena 5alejeyen fa faj2a ra7 ekalim my dad. he was talking to dad about soccer and kan shakla o 7arakata etsheken feha kan elef wedor dar madarhom o ohwa ekalemhom o elahehom bil suwalif o e7arek rela chena ga3ed eshot koora ya3ni bain reiyl my dad 3ashan e3archeba o ebog his wallet which was in his back pocket bas il 7emdela ena my mom kanat wagfa ib 6are8a ena matsa3ed il rayal e3archeb my dad. ba3daiyn madre eshlon my dad noticed his wallet in the man’s hand and shooted at him hey thats my wallet the man ehni tewahag o gam erage3 egol ee ana bas kint bagolik ena eder balik mat7e6 your wallet wara o min hal suwalif. ana o my siblings were supposed to meet with them for dinner so ebser3a dagaw 3alaiyna and they gave us a long lecture latkalmon a7ad o etha a7ad kalamkom 7egraw o emshaw o latro7on muakn thalma o duwa3es o meskaw ejna6kom o min hal kalam. malomhom wallah.

  5. Expatozziegal says:

    My friend & I had just hopped onto the metro in Paris when a group of 5 young people jumped onto the train and started jostling amongst the passengers.As the doors started to close, they all jumped off the train and ran along the platform. As the train started to move I thought “That was strange”, then my friend looked down at her bag – the zip was open and yes, her purse was gone along with her cash and credit cards!

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