Things 2 Do in London: Afternoon Tea in Bea's of Bloomsbury 's By | November 30, 2010


Pleven Tucked away in a little street just after New Oxford Street…the is a little cosy bakery called Bea’s of Bloomsbury

after a long day spent shopping or in my case browsing the nearby British Museum, there is nothing better than stopping by Bea’s and having an English Afternoon Tea to rejuvenate…

The place is small and very cosy and we were lucky to find ourselves a table… you have to reserve a table in advance during the weekend.

The service is great and very fast. Within 3 minutes of ordering you would have your English Tea goodies and a steaming pot of well brewed tea at your table… perfect for hungry people!

In their tea for one you get the following: A brownie bite, a blondie bite, one cocoa dusted meringue, 2 plain meringues instead of a rocky road slice that contains pork gelatine….

A cupcake… in my case it was a Red Velvet Cupcake…

One scone with strawberry jam

and of course some yummy clotted cream!

My favorite flavor of tea to go with an afternoon tea is Earl Gray <3

Devouring the scone <3

Their Blondie is so good it’s outta of this world! It’s so chewy and yummy it’s worth having an Afternoon Tea Party with 5 long brownies! Even if you don’t feel like having all of the above there are many other things to choose from… such as…

For more information about Bee’s of Bloomsbury visit their website

6 Responses to “Things 2 Do in London: Afternoon Tea in Bea's of Bloomsbury 's”

  1. Z says:

    Good catch, the place seems relaxed. I love clotted cream and scones, i’ll visit the next time in London.

    P.S.: a little typo: bea’s not bee’s (title) :)

  2. the boudoir. says:

    iyshawig!!! i cant wait to go london to try this place especially the scones..and thumbs up for the great pics!

  3. I live in bloomsbury!! better check it out!