Why am i getting rude comments on my London posts?!

By | December 6, 2010

Getting rude and disrespectful comments goes hand in hand with blogging. if anything it means that you are going in the right direction for you have triggered someone to attack you.

What i don’t understand though is why the volume of rude comments significally increases whenever i start posting about London?! Why Q8y people are taking those posts as personal insults against them is beyond me!!!

It’s not like i am saying you flan X don’t know London or you flana Y ma etdeleen London. It’s not like i am the first Q8y or Khaleji or Arabi to set foot in London. London is filled with Q8ys who live/study/work/visit there and know it like the back of their hands. I am just another one of those. I have a camera and i take pictures of whatever i do when i visit there and post it in MY BLOG!!! That’s it!

It’s my blog and i am FREE to post my memoirs and my experiences and my trips and my purchases and share them with friends, family, and the rest of world. Ma feha shay y3ni! It’s not like ini ga3da atshay7a6 3la el awadm o I am not saying that i am Christopher Columbus who discovered all things London and you didn’t. and to think i am posting about London because you are clueless and i am not is something from your imagination… lakin i guess inah kil min yshof il nass ib 3ain 6ab3ah… mo?

To you… you know who you are. Grow up and get a life. Elle 3la rasah ba67a ye7asesha welle mo 3ajbah any of my posts, London or other, the solution is to simply click the X icon on the top right corner of this page, no one is forcing you to come here and you cannot expect me to write whatever posts that make you happy… understood?!

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  1. Kinz says:

    Ya Sweety, shame on them! Those people don’t deserve to read your blog. Those kind of comments are usually pure jealousy. Don’t mind them and don’t reply to this bad behavior as it will only encourage more. It’s your blog and you can write about anything you want.

    • danderma says:

      Thank you for your kind words hon. Exactly it’s my blog and i am free to post whatever i feel like… when did that become a crime and a personal insult?

  2. Hanadi says:

    I love your posts. Please don’t stop ever. I know London well but still enjoy your suggestions, feeling and comments alot. I feel as if I’m there when u go places. I’m amazed that some people would be rude..there is no need

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon for your kind words. I do not get why people get rude and angry about them?!

  3. Lama says:


  4. Noura says:

    Ignore them the posts about London are quite interesting and not all of us know everything about London cause everyone has his or her own experience.
    Keep Up the good work! and Ignore those ignorant people!

    • danderma says:

      Thanks hon… ur right why not share experiences o ideas min other people ma feha shay?!

  5. swera says:

    -It’s because ur blog is awesome n they just envy u!
    -Some people feel jealous that you go to London more often than they do lol
    -and maybe u visit such nice place they dont get to find when they’re there!

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon ur the awsome one wallah :*

      Google ma yega9er if they can’t find the place!!!

  6. Purgatory says:

    I think those posts are precious and informative, I like them.

  7. Kuwaitiful says:

    I don’t get why people would dis you for posting about London, specially since most Kuwaiti’s love that place.

    Maybe your getting hate posts from people that already dislike but found London posts a target to put all the comments.

    I frankly have no idea, just going mo7ageg konan on you.

  8. جنة الحواس says:

    Malich sh’3ol feehum .. bel3aks ur London posts jedan mofedeen for ppl who would like to know abt new things and places and also appreciate simple plesaures … kha9atan post Amorino ..ta3theeeb !

  9. giacomo says:

    I never imagined you as a hostile person.

    • danderma says:

      I wouldn’t describe my self as hotsile. I do have zero tolerance policy towards idiotic & hypocritical behavior though.

  10. journal entries says:

    i find posts about travelling very useful.. it helps to figure out what new stuff to do when u visit that certain country..
    keep those travelling posts coming! =)

    • danderma says:

      I love travel posts because it makes me imagine what i want to do the next time i want to travel… Thanks & Insha2 Allah 😀

  11. q80 says:

    Don’t bother to think about them.
    I enjoy your blog SPECIALLY when you post about LONDON because the things I do while travelling is exactly what you do :)
    Girl U know how to travel and enjoy LIFE

  12. bojamal says:

    hathaila idiots or kids

    to be honest i’ve been to london since I was 3 years and now im passing 25 and usually I go annually and I got some really good tips from you.

    • danderma says:

      ana i still get tips from people who go to London o find things i don’t know about ma feha shay… lel asaf enhom mo kids :(

  13. shosho says:

    3ad I love those posts.. ma 3alaich I think they are jealous, mashoof another reason. O ako nas believe that when you drool over something or express you like something, chinna ya3ni mo shayfa khair.. which is not true! I like to express the beauty, tastiness,, etc of anything I like, if we don’t enjoy those small things in life, then we won’t feel joy over anything that happens to us or we buy or we eat! fa wala shay ma yitris e3yoona!

    just be yourself I love your spirit, I LOVE LOVE London too 😛 so, there, illi mo 3ajba, keep your lips sealed!

    • danderma says:

      mo halle agolich kil min yara il nass ib 3ain 6ab3a… y3ni itha ana agool hal mokan or hal shay 7elo allah fa it means mo shayfa khair… falle ye3teqed hal shay oho ile mo shayef khair bel talee thinks anyone who does the same mo shayef khair…

  14. ahmed says:

    why on earth would anyone leave a rude comment about YOUR TRIP to london ? i love reading other people’s travel stories . tons of pics and tips for my next trip .

    keep them coming :)

    • danderma says:

      Exactly b3d shasawe if it’s my trip o what i do in London… this is me o this is what i did… min das lokom 3la 6araf!

  15. badra says:

    Mo 9a7eeen fehom 3ogdat nag9… Bl3aks 3ad I love this part from ur blog…just ignore them and keep posting 😀

  16. Om Lujain says:

    Some people are just weird… I love your posts.. all of them… and as you said, if a person has an issue with anything you post, they can just get off YOUR blog.. !

  17. Chirp says:

    Ma 3indihum shighel or salfa. 7igreeehum!

  18. Nawnaw says:

    Ignor these kind of people ,,, i love ur london posts , they r one of my favorits one, i always get back to them , when ever someone go there & need some information ,, even iwrote them in my note , when i travelled there early this summer

    • danderma says:

      Sej 😀
      So i have a mini travel guide thing going on :p thank you for your kind words they made me very happy!

  19. Enigma says:

    shfech just ignore them.. i love ur london posts and will definitely keep them in mind next time i go to london cz not every one has seen or tried all these things (i certainly haven’t).

    • danderma says:

      Etha ana lel7een i discover new stuff in London i never knew about before.. ma feha shay when i share o you share o we learn from each others experiences

  20. Enigma says:

    and just delete this post eyqeth oo ya36eehum akbar mn 7ajemhum!

  21. a says:

    I like your London posts even though I’m probably the only Kuwaitia that doesn’t like London. My family find your suggestions helpful :)

    Just ignore lat3been nfsch on these ashkal.

    • danderma says:

      You would be surprised to know that many q8ys do not like London much? Some people say it’s qamta for some reason
      3yazt o ana asawe ignore.. i want to know why!

  22. ABLA Noura says:

    elqafela taserr wil >> yanba7 .. ma 3alech min il mokhareben
    ana wa7da waid estefadt min ur posts cuz nawya 3la london on january enshallah o ga3da asajil kil ely eshawegnii o aham shay ma ra7 a6awfa Amorino hot chocolate <3

  23. ansam518 says:

    O laish 7arra 3omrich! 7egreehom! Your London posts are nice wallah malich sheghel 😉 Keep’em coming

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon… mo salfat 7ara 3mry salfat ini met3ajba shel salfa?! Laish? mani fahma laish…

  24. wallah Ya Hon. I love all your posts and I find them very interesting! As you said, we all know London, I lived studied and worked there for a while, and there are places you posted about I never knew they existed, and I’m taking notes for my next trip 😉 For those haters hate as much as you like because it is the only thing they know how to do and it wouldn’t make a difference to any of us 😉

  25. baglady says:

    Dear Danderma,
    I have been following your blogs for quite sometime and have become addicted to them. I start my morning with your blog along with my morning coffee. Your blog is GREAT, and I LOVE YOUR POSTS. Specially the travel ones. I have learnt so much from them. Please do not stop them and ignore the negative comments. The negative comments are from jealous people who have nothing else better to do with their time. Wish you the best of luck.

    • danderma says:

      Thank you for your kind words… it means so much to me. I am not stopping anything don’t worry… i am just clarifying something for the commenters and gossipers out there and they know themselves well… :)

  26. Dhofch says:

    No way! I looove your London posts, wallah they’re so helpful, ana I just recently moved to London and I look forward to your London posts the most 3eshan I can go check them out!

    Keep London posting <3

    Thanks to you I discovered the best popcorn in the world, ilPret Sweet&Salty. The best cookies in the world, Ben's cookies w the best Frozen Yogurt in Yuforia <3

    And I have yet to discover <3 matga9rain!

  27. reema says:

    waaaaaaaaay 7bebty dandermaaa ma3aleech menhom they are allllll jealous of u . i adore ur blog and your blog is the best and the most amazing blog .
    a9lan bel3aks kelna ntab3ech awal eb awal though we know london 3adel bs still ga3deen nshof more new things o tdaleena 3an amazing places there that we dont know…. keeeeeeep going baby o ma3aleech men el 7esad 😉