Things 2 Do in London: Londons Bead Shop!

By | December 8, 2010

Earlier that day in London i was at Liberties eying some very pretty beaded braceletes with a blue eye bead in the middle, only when i flipped the price tag i found to my astonishement that they cost £70-100!!!

The bracelet was so NOT worth £20 let alone £70+! I let it go of course… later in the day as i was exploring a street in London i have never been to before i stumbled upon the London Bead Shop!

The place was AMAZING! So many beads to choose from… i went haywire inside, going from one little plexi tray to another… putting down beads and picking up beads… i finally settled on a blue eye bead like the one i had seen earlier bit in a different size and shape. Then it was time to choose the clasps and the thread… again i took my time thinking about the colors and types of thread… and which clasp would go best with it…

In the end? I bought my bracelet for… guess how much?!

£0.75! Yes… that’s right… 75 pence! All i have to do is put the pieces together and wear it and it would look better than Liberty’s bracelet 😀

I will take a picture once i put it together… simple yet very cute and to the point and i had a great time choosing it with uttermost care… o it will be unique b3d!!!

18 Responses to “Things 2 Do in London: Londons Bead Shop!”

  1. Jassim London says:

    Sounds like a great gift :) can’t wait to see it :)

  2. Cool. I just recently bout a couple of beading magazines. I think I might like to try it.

  3. shosho says:

    There used to be one in Kingsly court, madri if its still here but 3 or 4 years ago I went there it was very beautiful too..

  4. LadyCay says:

    My Girl’s will go GaGa there, keep up the London posts, i didn’t comment on that but eveything has been said enough, all of us are either used to live, study or just visit, but there are still places we don’t know about, and it’s just nice sharing all the information, thank you, and by the way, the snow on ur site is awesome:)

  5. al-. says:

    entay lal7en 3ala hal 7ala? “things to do in london?” lol

  6. al-. says:

    lo kelman safar o sawa nafsich chan …… :s

    • danderma says:

      chan shino? kelma itgarge3 ebgalkom 6al3ooha… b3d katbeen hal jomla kilha 3yzaneen 3n akher kelma?

  7. Karamilah says:

    Im a big supporter of an individual’s own creations and creativity, they always turn to be the best
    Sometimes, if u go through ur old stuff which u don’t want u can always make something out of them

    • danderma says:

      Usually when i go through my old stuff i either chuck them or keep them for keepsakes. lately i have been selling them online as well 😀

  8. 3feesah says:

    Thanks for this lovely thread~in my next visit I have to give a visit for the beads store~Im looking for hand made lampwork beads .