How did you spend your first salary?!

Drexel Hill By | December 15, 2010

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While posting about the Body Shop Gift Set the other day i remembered how much i loved the Body Shop. Growing up i always vowed to spend my first ever hard earned salary buying everything in the Body Shop 😀

By the time i did actually get my salary, the first thing i bought was a Panasonic CD player from Virgin Megastore, followed by a DVD Home Theatre set which was a bit expensive in 2003 :)

Whatever i had left must have gone on knicknacks! I must take a look into my old Salary Excel File and see what did i buy with it all… but the moment i started spending that money, it was the most amazing feeling EVER!

How did you spend your first hard earned salary? If you still didn’t get it, what are your grand plans towards spending it 😀

18 Responses to “How did you spend your first salary?!”

  1. Moody Pants says:

    I had a part time job when i was still in college and i spent my salary by buying a new ipod straight from the states which felt amazing 😀 but my first real salary, i redecorated my room with and bought a new bed and a closet!

    • danderma says:

      You must love that Ipod so much 😀
      You reminded me of my mother… first salary she bought chandeliers!!! We still have them hanging till today 😀

  2. Glitter says:

    My first hard earned cash I went to alFaris, and spent it all on a diamond ring for my mother :)

    And may I ask where is Dathra?
    I went to look for the comment I wrote a few posts back about her and couldn’t find it!!!!

    • danderma says:

      the comment was just retrieved from the Spam folder!!!

      Now that is a great way to spend your salary! I wanted to give something for my mother from my first salary but she wailed o cried o sawat le holeela ish6olha… eshda3wa?
      Lo sharet laha ring she would have loved it though!!!

      • Glitter says:

        It was a surprise, I didn’t tell her about it because I knew she would tell me to spend it on myslef.

        I had my aunt wear it and ask mom what she thinks, she wowed and said it was gorgeous. I then took it, wrapped it, and gave it to her the very next day. Seeing the look on her face was worth 10 times that ring.

        • danderma says:

          ooooh wanasa! Ee Allah yhadahom hal omahat kila ma yrthon o nakser kha6erhom… zain walla she took it…
          ma bechat :p

  3. Kinz says:

    There is nothing like the feeling of having your own money to spend. I like the feeling but I like saving too. I can’t remember what I did with my first salary but I always make sure to put 10 to 30% of it away for a rainy day. When you are a consultant you go through dry spells and those savings really help smooth the bumpy road.

    • danderma says:

      I know what you mean. I usually put a big percentage of my money towards emergenices..
      I learned the hard way… i used to buy junk with my money and things i didn’t need… then i decided i wanted to invest in something and i put all my savings into it, only to the have the thing crash on my head and being a proud person i wouldnt have asked anyone for help… i remember looking around and thinking where did all my money go… books chocolate tea dvds endless tshirts photo frames and things i would never use and i don’t need and if i pooled all that money together i would have gotten out of that situation so easily!!! Thankfully i learned my lesson and i started allocating more % to my saving and began making smarter choices when deciding to part with my money!!!

  4. That is a nice way to spend your your first salary… ;p
    My sister started working before me… and I was soo jealous when she got her first salary and she spent it all on makeup and perfumes… not wanting to be out done by her… when I got my first salary… I spent it on more makeup and more perfume ;p but later on I really regertted it..because it isn’t like me to first feel jealous second spending money on stupid stuff ;p

  5. F. J. Bliss says:

    I seriously can not remember how or on what exactly I spent my first salary.. I’m a shopaholic.. so if anything I most likely spent it shopping :p

    • danderma says:

      7safa you don’t have an item per say that you would look at and think i bought this with my first salary?!
      Shakhbar el hdoom now still mawjodeen?!

  6. dandoon says:

    a dior bag which i got from rome:D had to wait a couple of weeks to spend it cuz my trip was right before thani ma3ash!

    akhaf 3alaiha akthar min my other bags ma3inna i have more expensive ones. bas madri hathi ghair cuz its the first thing i buy with money ive actually EARNED.

    • danderma says:

      Ee it feels different… the things you buy from your first salary!

      Although i have another DVD device now i would still use my old dvd with it’s speaker system… it’s just different… there is no way on earth i am parting with those beloved items!

  7. noora says:

    didnt get it yet!
    my plans are; a diamond ring to keep and pass to my children in sha2 allah, shay yeswa inshallah since enazlon 3 months salary kollo 3ala ba3’9o ;D
    being me, SURE ako saving! 30% at least.
    first person to get a treat is my mom ;* a vacation! her choice, the when n where 😉

    • danderma says:

      ya bakhat your mom wallah 😀

      good investment… a diamon ring from your first salaries combined! At least it will become a family heirloom 😀

  8. akinyimika olusola says:

    good! i’d like to spent it all on my mum, she is just too wonderful, i think she deserve to be treated that way.
    anyway it’s a lifetime dicision. i belief it attract lasting blessing.

    • danderma says:

      I think your first salary is well spent. I tried to give my mom a part of my first salary and she began crying and refused the money :(