Koshary Take 2: Koshary Jo7a's

imposingly By | December 17, 2010


Yesterday afternoon as i got out of my orthodontists appointment i had to eat something soft to eat… and since i was craving Koshary anyways i thought let me make the trip to the alleys of Hawalli to get my self some…

I honked and yelled and cursed all the way Koshary Jo7a in 7awalli, the behind Fotokina on the same street as Hasan Abuls & Alshaye3… don’t know the street’s name though… i got there, ordered my self a koshary for two and came back home…

I already had some chickpeas… so i mixed the stuff up and took the picture… Boy does it look different from the one i got the other day! It was more appetizing and much more fresh! Tasted amazing too!!!

Highly recommended for a first Koshary Trial 😀

6 Responses to “Koshary Take 2: Koshary Jo7a's”

  1. It delicious as it looks, mat3arfeeeeen entaaaaaaaaaaaay! ;p
    When I go there, I’ll show you how it should be eaten. ;p

  2. noora says:

    ana 6al3a m3 my cousin, o etqolich wil 3ohda 3ala erawee ina a7la koshary ib sooq esalmeya foq! matadri shesma :p maybe esma il balad

  3. the boudoir. says:

    its the best..i heard about a koshari stand or shop inside Surra Co-op…they say its been there for a long while and have the best koshari in the country

    • danderma says:

      The surra coop stand is the one i took from last time… it is no where as fresh as Koshary Jo7as… it was too dry and the lentils and the rice were a bit shrivelled!