Would you buy this: Retro Timex Watch!

http://fft3.com//include/dialog/select_images_post.php By | December 23, 2010


While shopping in Selfridges London i saw these Retro Timex watches being sold. They reminded me of the casio watches from the late 80’s and early 90’s when people dreamed of having a watch that is also a phone… something like the little girl from the cartoon Inspector Gadget used to have 😀

Now the gold, white, and steel ones are sold for around £80 while the other colorful ones are sold for £50-£60 … would you consider buying one for your self? and if you do, would you actually wear it?!

8 Responses to “Would you buy this: Retro Timex Watch!”

  1. Ananas says:

    NOOO 😛

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    I wouldn’t myself – though I can relate to the memory of the inspector gadget girl watch :)
    I love the photo.

  3. sara says:

    sorry my keyboard is malfunctioning:

    ive been wearing the red one for a year :)