Book Wanted: Hind Wal 3askar!

Temapache By | December 27, 2010

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Prievidza I am not sure how new this novel is… what i know is it’s being sold in the big libraries in KSA… it’s about a woman named hind and the 3askar denotes the society keeping her oppressed or something. Many people are saying things about some controversial sentences that appeared in the story. Some say it’s even better than Girls of Riyadh  Now of course i have to read it for my self. No one tells me the book is very good and stirs controversy and then expects me to think oh i should leave it alone. I have a mind of my own thank you very much.

order isotretinoin online cheap If it’s sold in KSA then it’s being sold in Dubai for sure. If it has controversal materian then it won’t make it through the borders of the land of no controversy -god forbid- … aka Q8… for fears of corrupting out innocence. Do you think i should drive all the way to Khafji to get my own copy? How sad is that?! To actually drive to ANOTHER COUNTRY… Conservative KSA of all contries b3d… to get a book to read and make up my mind about!??!?! Why can’t this book be sold in Q8 y3ni o khalas? Why can’t i stroll into a bookstore, head held up high, and buy it, read it, and toss it to where i decide think it belongs: bin or book shelf?! I will read it… sonner than later… even if i have to drive all the way to KSA to get it. Even if i have to take a plane to Dubai to read it. They say i can order it from Neel & and it will be delivered but i have stopped buying anything on line after the whole Aramex DHL Customs fiasco so i am not sure it can be dilevered!!! If you have any other means of getting this book or finidng it in Q8 please let me know?!  

15 Responses to “Book Wanted: Hind Wal 3askar!”

  1. ahmed says:

    You should try this bookstore in hawalli , you know where Al-Nazaer is ? its right next to it , the store has this old guy working there who can help you with anything . i usually buy my books from him and even if the store doesnt have it , he’ll look for it and bring it to you . give it a try .

    • danderma says:

      ok… do you have the name of the bookstore?!! Alnathaer ele qbal il mohallab?!

      • ahmed says:

        noo , elnathaer eli ejbal el mohalb , wain koshry ju7a ? nafs el mokan bs jedam eshwy , gabel nady el qadsia . i dont remember the name bs you can miss it tara if you go there .

  2. nemo says:

    hi dear I have this novel, i can give it to you

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon but i need my own copy :(
      Where did u get if from?!

      • nemo says:

        take mine and then whenever you buy one, return it to me
        I got it from beirut last year i think

        let me know,

        • danderma says:

          ill pass by that bookstore in hawalli and see… if i can’t get it i will borrow yours 3la ma tataze7 el ro2ya 😀

          Thanx hon :*

  3. UmGhanim says:

    Nothing is perfect, u can buy the book in khafji and not kuwait, but…u drive in kuwait and not khafji…ironic ha?!

  4. Ahmed says:

    Sure, I hope u find it :)

  5. ahmed says:

    did you find it by any chance ?

  6. a says:

    tra mo shay..i am like u read mostly english bs started few yrs back on the arabic and read all the worthy ones..still do…bs hathe is not good..even the writer all her books kind of u read a few pages then shove it…this one is also thin with maybe 100 pages w not much dialogue and nothing like bnaat el riyadh..there is lots similar as bnaat el riyadh..just tell me if u want me to suggest titles for u.

    bs that one not worth et3wreen galbch..i knw the feeling of wanting it so bad u will travel for hathe lama u will get it ..w im sure u will eventually u will remember my comment w tgolen 9aja.

    7safa i threw my copy wela i would have gave it to u gladly.:)

    • danderma says:

      actually i am more of an arabic book reader than an english book reader… i didn’t start on the english ones till i was 14 or so…
      I read somewhere that her style is better than banat el riyadh writer and that the comparision was not even fair… i would have to read it my self to make my own judgement though.. i am waiting for someone to bring it to me so insha2 Allah we’ll see soon…