Happy New Year 2011!

By | January 1, 2011

I know i am 23 hours late… i should have posted this a long time ago… but i woke up this morning SICK!

Lovely way to start the year eh?! Anyways since it’s 2011 i have decided to have 11 goals for this year…

Danderma’s 2011 11 goals:

  1. Lose weight. At least 10 Kilos (11 would be perfect).
  2. Take better care of my self and my health.
  3. Try and eat more healthy (less bread more veggies & protein)
  4. Get my FB group fans to reach 250 (so i want 80 new fans)
  5. Post more Dathra posts (i have several lined up btw)
  6. Get to work on time for one at least one whole month
  7. Do some serious money saving… no need to waste money on useless things.
  8. Learn how to play the piano. A childhood dream.
  9. Learn Karate. I’ve found my self a place.
  10. Go to the shooting range and learn how to shoot
  11. Go to Hajj

I guess that’s about it. Insha2 Allah next year we will see how much did i achieve… What about your 2011 goals?

14 Responses to “Happy New Year 2011!”

  1. Wentaaaay ibkhaaaaaaaaair;*****

    inshallah ur goals yet7agigon:D

    Baaaaaaaaaih min kither ma 3indi goals welashay on my mind right now LOOOOOOOOOl:P

  2. Ananas says:

    Happy new year to u 2
    oo salamat :)
    well my goals for this year:
    1- loose weight x_x
    2- graduate with 3.5
    3- enter my preferred collage
    4- buy my dream car
    5- be a better muslim
    6- appologize or making up for whom i treated badly
    7- buy an ipad
    9- go to london and eat the ice cream u have in the pic 😛
    10- trying not to 2tsalf from my sis … lol

  3. noora says:

    go to 7aj in sha2 Allah
    for one of ur up coming posts for this yr, ask ppl shino a7san 7amla :p yala hathy wa7da m3 this post, 2 down, 363 to go :p

  4. swera says:

    Happy New Year Dear :*

  5. Rummy says:

    Happy New Year w 3asa all your resolutions see the light and be accomplished 😉

  6. hahahahahha i love no.6! how is that going?

    as for no.11, inshallah ya rab :)