A trip to hungry bunny Alkhafji…

By | January 2, 2011

We took a quick road trip to Khafji in KSA for the sole purpose of two reasons: 1- Find the book Hind wal 3askar i am searching for and 2- Visit Hungry Bunny for a nostalgic childhood meal…

Directions? Take 6reej el shalehat, road 30 or 40 i am not sure, go straight straight until you reach the Kuwaiti Borders in Nuwaiseeb… with your civil ids cross the borders towards the Saudi Borders in Khafji… when you get out of the borders go straight straight until you see the Hungry Bunny sign above.. and you are there!

Just seeing the goofy smile on that happy yellow bunny’s face makes you feel like a little kid again…

All the cars outside had Q8y license plates. You will find two doors: one for guys and one for families. The families section has private cabinets for families to dine in.

I had dined there before and i didn’t like the claustrophobic atmosphere so we opted to have our meal for takeaway… i had taken a copy of the menu with me but i cannot find it anywhere… i’ll post it when i find it… it’s basically the same thing…

By the way the restaurant closes for 15-20 minutes during prayer times so make sure to plan your trip around prayer times or else you are in for a long wait.

The only difference in the Super Bunny is that they have something other than sesame on top of the bun… some wheat flake thing… i am not sure if they have sesame buns any more but i suppose they do and next time we will ask at the counter insha2 Allah…

While unpacking the takeaway bag i kept singing the hungry bunny TV jingle “hungry bunny i’m so hungry hungry bunny i’m so hungry…” I tend to sing the jingle during the road trip as well until we reach hungry bunny…


If you are in the mood for some real old fashioned hungry bunny get into your car and head over there now 😀

and please don’t tell me “ako hungry bunny bel q8″ and “hungry bunny ele in q8 is the real thing” blah blah… they are NOT the real thing. They DO NOT taste the same. There is NO REAL hungry bunny in Q8… if you want a real super bunny from hungry bunny, the closes one is an hour away in Alkhafji in KSA.


24 Responses to “A trip to hungry bunny Alkhafji…”

  1. fahad says:

    at what time did you leave and are they open 24 hours ?

    • danderma says:

      I am not sure if they are open 24 hours… but we left Q8 at around 1:45 PM and we were they by 3 pm

  2. hanan says:

    bel3afya :)
    wallah memories.

  3. Kinz says:

    I take it the “Saudi” way is different from the Kuwaiti way. Is it weird about the separate family sections, the prayer times when you either make it in the store or twist and turn in the street? I remember when the kids were little in Jeddah and the hamburger restaurants were the first to have play units inside. We waited in the car for half an hour with the kids crying while the very pious manager at the restaurant refused to open the doors. For this reason we usually cook at home or send out the driver for takeout.

    • danderma says:

      it is indeed very different. In Q8 if a restaurant has cabins they look at it as a dingy place since people would use it for dating so you don’t see many restaurants with seperate families and bachelors sections in Q8… Q8ies like to mix and people watch while eating, it’s part of the whole experience…

      As for prayer times we hear the prayers but nothing stops at all. If you want to pray you can go and pray if not life goes on. The only exception would be Friday Prayers many places close for Friday prayers or don’t even open before Friday prayers but then everyone knows what opens and what doesn’t so they know when to go…

      I remember once we were coming from Bahrain to Q8 and we wanted to grab some hungry bunny on our way. We were very tired and cranky and the moment we reached Hungry Bunny the athan sounded so every thing was closed and locked up and we had to wait for ever for the restaurant to reopen so we could order and continue our journey to Q8…

  4. 3ateeja says:

    yuuumiiiiiiiiiiiii old days i misssss 3dailia branch !!!!
    ee ashkra ely bel q8 mo a9li est’3fer alla 7ta el-logo ‘3er !!
    ps: ly al-7en ywz3on jna6 el-5a9er o kbabes m3a el-kids meal ?:p

  5. Bannay says:

    I hope the end justified the mean .. i.e. i hope you burning a good chunk of fuel for a couple of burgers and some chips and coke was worth it .. =/

    Environmental Friendly ..

    I think not..

    • danderma says:

      wow… so u reckon i should have used my solar operated car to make that road trip eh? Maybe i should limit my car usage to and from work then as in to save the environment… no need to drive anywhere outside Jabriya for the environments sake…

      FYI it was TOTALLY worth it…

      • Bannay says:

        Yup, one could only hope and what a lovely world it would be .. plus driving to al5afjey isn’t exactly the same thing .. you technically crossed boarders .. for a burger i bet it would have been more worth it for you to have raised your own cow in Jabriya, planted your own potatoes and then invited everyone over to eat them ..

        worth it or not, i wont be interested until someone tells me that wendys is back ..

        oh PS whilst were on the topic of fast food .. did you know Hardees only exists in the US and a handful of arabic nations only ..

        • danderma says:

          well i didn’t ask you to drive me there did i? We enjoyed every second of that road trip, we’ve done so numerous times and we would do so in the future again and again insha2 Allah…

  6. Soso says:

    I thought you don’t eat meat?

    • danderma says:

      I don’t. super bunny without meat tastes pretty much the same as a super bunny with meat so i go everywhere and order burgers without burgers 😉

  7. C'est la vie says:

    Was it the same taste ?and did u find the book ?

  8. ALLAAAAAAAH WANAAASAAAAAA ALLLAAAAAAH HUNGRY BUNNY SHAKHBAARII!! kina enro7la ib mujama3 ilmuthanna LOOOOOOL shloon 6a3maa?? nisaait LOOOOL!! is it goood??

    o 3awaafiii;***

  9. noon says:

    waaay waay shawaqteniii, bil3afiaa :* bagoool 7ag obooi ywadenii ;6arorii

  10. noon says:

    Thanx to you I’m on my way to 5afji :*

  11. mnrnr says:

    what’s about the book ! did u find it ?

    • danderma says:

      Mnrnr: Did i find it?! It was impossible to find ANY book! not one decent book was sold in the whole area!!! So no :(