Bent El Deera's Yummy Zerda!

By | January 3, 2011

After my Zerda post asking for zerda recipes my dear fellow blogger Bent El Deera contacted me to let me know she has a home made zerda for me!!!

For those of you who do not know Bent El Deera… she is an AMAZING cook masha2 Allah la elaha ella Allah tabaraka il ra7man…her blog “Aklati” is all about her cooking and i really trust her taste in food… So to have the pleasure of having a Zerda from her is something extraordinary indeed…

Thank you hon for the delicious zerda! We enjoyed it very much at home :*

8 Responses to “Bent El Deera's Yummy Zerda!”

  1. Sn3a says:

    tslam eedha
    o 3alaihom bel 3afya

  2. Entisar says:

    Hi 3aleech bel3afya bas pleeeeeeez nabeeeeee el6areeeeqa

  3. حياااااتي مشكوووووره
    صج احرجتيني مادري شرد
    عليكم بالف الف عافيه :***

    سنعه حبيبتي الله يسلمج من كل شر :***
    انتصار ان شاء الله انزلها اليوم :>

  4. wain el wa3ad ya 7a’6y 😛 nabee el recipe! 😀